RHP Properties

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Clearfield
Address 1000 west 450 n
Phone 8018252915

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  • Jul 16, 2014

After eight and one half years of being in this park had trees that had not been cut for years and years over 45 feet above trailers and were dead and told them 6 months before any problems and turned them into city and everything i could do before any problems but they waited till the trees came down and destroyed my property and could have been my life and over $5,000.00 in damages and they sent me a mail oh well we are not responsible it is an act of nature and call your home owners insurance.

Then after winter we moved and was told by Mitra Hopener who is the manager and does not live in the park that we would be getting a refund and the lot was clear and good and should be 4 to 6 weeks to receive it and I called after 8 weeks and got a return call from Mitra that we would not be getting refund of our deposit as she did not like us so we get nothing and she would not tell me who she was on the phone but reconized her voice and know it was her.t is only $200.00 but still should be back to us. She lied and any mail or inquiry you make to the head quarters in Michigan they send it right to her and no way to talk to anyone else.

Not worth getting an attorney for but will be sure to let every one know that they are deceptive and shady business and lie to you and care only about the very high lot rent they charge for no street lights and no up keep and maint. and no security and etc. I could go on but out of there and would never reccommend anyone using or going into one of there parks.

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  • May 9, 2014

I had lived in this so called community for about a year, when the comunity manager ""Mart in Knapp"", told me that my lease would not be renewed. This was due to the company terminating all rentals. Come to find out, shortly after I moved, the company RHP started renting again. WTF?

During my rental period, I made several complaints about the rotten neighbor kids throwing stuff, banging on my door at night, failing to provide me with a lawn. Yeah, just dirt! The air conditioner was constantly failing, and in sufficient parking. If I didn't have better things to do, I would file a law suite against RHP. Oh yeah, by the way, Martins junkie mother moved in with him when he became manager. He left the community, and she is still here! Floating from trailer to trailer. Good example!

There is a guy that owns several trailers in the community allows illegals to move in to his homes under some other name. And when they finally get eviction notices, they get to squat for six months, so Jose doesn't have to pay lot rent for a vacant trailer. This is a Prime Example why our country is going to hell.

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  • Dec 7, 2016

Typical of RHP

No stars for RHP. They could not care less about their residents beyond collecting rent and selling useless so called properties. They pin all responsibility they can get away with on the residents for "care of the rented lots" Including the infrastructure of the lots.

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  • Jan 9, 2016

NorthStar Estates Little Canada MN

I live in NorthStar Estates and had to live for 6 months with raw sewage backing up into home, so much that it overflowed out the sides of my home. I baled more than 200 buckets of sewage and had to babysit my home 3 -4 hours at a time, daily for 6 months, I reported the backup on Nov 19.2014 and they finally repaired on April 12th of 2015.I had no water or sewage access in my home for 6 months. I could not even take a crap in my own home for 6 months. My home was considered a hazardous waste, it took 8 months to repair my home from bottom to top, while I lived with all my belongings locked up in a pod for 8 months, I nearly died from the mold and mildew, my health has declined terribly, cannot breathe freely anymore, I spent a week in ICU, breathing problems and stress..A lot of my furniture and personal stuff destroyed cause their lazy, uncaring asses would not repair the backup. I was told " it was too cold out". It was -20, but yes, we live in Minnesota, and that happens every year...I crawled under my house, but it was too cold for their maintence personell to do same...When they did, after going over their heads, come to try to fix in March, they tried telling me it was my fault, grease in my lines.(liars) it was a tree root in the line,25 ' out...That was in March, I still had to scream everyday for them to repair and they finally did it 6 weeks later. add insult to injury, they do not give a damn..I still had to pay full lot rental...I tried to get the courts to grant me escrow and they said I had to get a plumber to prove in ground. Over 15 plumbing companies would not come onto their property..(..Bad rep),meanwhile mgmt has bad mouthed me, I have lived here for 20 yrs, work 2 jobs, never here but to sleep, practically, and I have two complaints in 20 yrs and they did not respond to either, and the first complaint was the tree that was suppose to be taken down when I moved into said park, the one the roots got into the line...funny how that worked... It took 8 months to repair the damage on my hazardous waste home..So they charged me each month for rent while I slept on my living room floor, ate outside on my patio table and lived without any of my belongings, washer dryer,air conditioning, heat. clothes, personal items, I should of been put up in a hotel as soon as this happend and it should of been repaired within 24 hours.. Scum lords is what this is all about, they want their money whether you are alive or dead, they do not care...Money money and nothing in return, since they have taken over this park they have done nothing in the 20 yrs I have been here, but poorly plow the streets and mow the surrounding area, other than that nothing has changed but the lot rent..but the services we had before them they cut.....Up and up over 100 %. Angry is not even close to what I feel, I lost one year of my life, and probably 10 yrs off expectancy.. I have a wazoo of medical bills, no bed to sleep in and alot of damage.....This company sucks, management and maintenece are the worst... Liars and cheats....scum lords....My insurance company told me in November nothing was covered because the problem was in the ground and that was on the park, but these idiots said " no its not, well, when the water cannot go into the ground at ground level it is in the ground...Stupid asses...does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out...They made my life hell for a little over a year...I would tell anyone not to move into this place, they are liars, cheats and greedy. They do not care about you at all....period.... I am less than 100 yds from their office and they would not even come over to see for themselves what was going on....They dismissed it as not their problem without even looking at said problem. When they fixed it, I showed them the 300+ pictures I had of what was going on and their comment was " well, if I would of seen this I would of taken it more serious". Gee, what can you say to that!!

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  • Dec 7, 2016

Again Typical of RHP

Don't bother trying to sue they will keep it tied up in court and likely not pay even if you did win.They are an enormous conglomerate company. Best to stay clear.

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