RHP Properties Inc

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Farmington Hills
Address 31200 Northwestern Highway
Phone 248-626-0737
Website www.rhp-properties.com/

RHP Properties Inc Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2015

RHP Mobile Home Community aka ARC should get a Grammy nomination for the worst place to live or rent,first of all they are so nice to your face when they either sell or rent you a hammie down used trailor.The management is Horrible!! they gossip,shares residents personal information with other residents,they make up stories so they don't have to listen or talk to the residents if there's a problem,Management says....there is a problem call the police,noise,call the police,Harrassment call the police,Blah,Blah.Management doesn't follow the rules either,accually there never in the office or if they see you walking towards the office they lock the door.There are Illegal's with Multiple,Multiple people living in 2 bedrms,Residents have 3-7 dogs Pitbulls,German Shepards,dogs barking constantly,Felons that have drug records that moved in without background check or management let them move in. Community septic tank blew up and Raw Waste flowing in street gutters in the public sewers.If any resident threatened or causes bodely harm to other residents is cause for eviction.This rule is never put forth even management had been threatened and resident still lives here.We all no its about Money and not the happiness of the residents.Lot rent is to high almost $500.00 and there's not one damn thing nice in this park.They say if you don't like it move we yards when you own a trailer it cost a fortune to move it,Company will move in homes free then move our out free since its all about the mighty buck.No wonder residents are unhappy with this shithole they call it a family park lol its a dump and I'm sure 25% minorities ( White) will agree. Our guest can't even use the guest parking cause the residents that own 4-5 cars take up the spots.Winter time maintenance doesn't keep roads salted or sanded,I've seen people fall multiple times,snow shoved into driveways of disabled residents.RHP its all about them and the Residents are just their check.

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