Ridge Tool Company

Country United States
State Colombia
City Elyria
Address 400 Clark St
Phone 18004743443
Website https://www.ridgid.com

Ridge Tool Company Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2014

Rigid Tools - these scam artists will do everything possible to prevent you from registering for the warrantee, even when you do it within the time limits stated (in the fine print)

I am ver disapointed that Home Depot has been no help with this they should be remember that "when you lie down with pigs all you ever get is dirty..!"

To make matters worse I was foolish enough to buy three of these hammer drills and none of them hold up remotely close to their competition. I should have taken my $700 (canadian) and flushed it down the toilet, at least that way I would save myself the frustration.

Ridge tools are Carpet Baggers and do not deserve your business..!!

  • Jul 16, 2014

In Oct. Of 2003 Home depot advertised a new power tool Co. Ridgid Tools. The were giving a lifetime warranty an there tools including batteries. Having had so many problems with other battery tools I went ahead and spent the extra to get the kit.

Fast forward 5 years the batteries were not holding a charge, so I contacted Ridgid they sent me to an autherized service center were they happily changed them out but what the did not do was give me a paper trail for the new batteries. Here it is 6 years later same problem with the batteries no charge. Contacted Ridgid cause now the center is no longer around.

They said take it to Home Depot. So I did first thing I was told that if I did not register the tools No warranty. I said were does it say that on the sales brochure. He read what I had with me and had to agree it does not, it says just bring the original reciept. We all know the recipts today disappear so I have a copy of the reciept from when the batteries were replaced, figured that would be a problem since it is not original. (which by the way is pretty much blank now). When the batteries were replaced the first time No paper work was given. Just a notation that the were replaced on 7/17/08.

The warranty Co. said sorry No paper work No warranty. I asked how I can have something that was never given to me?

Waht a bunch of Crap. If any one ever does a class action law suit please contact me and include me.

  • Jun 30, 2014

I chose to purchase a Rigid tool cord tool set because of the lifetime warranty on the tools and the batteries. Two batteries went bad and I got them replaced at a localshop that did Rigid warranty work. They went bad again so I went back to turn them in for warranty replacement. The owner told me that he no longer did work for Rigid because they came up with several excuses not to honor their warranty. It got so bad he stopped dong work for them. I felt bad when I realized he got stuck for the cost of the batteries he'd replaced for me.

I have now been to three different places who all the same story.

Now I'm stuck with a $500.00 dollar tool set with only one battery that works, and it only holds a charge for a short while. New batteries are $120.00 a piece and I guess when they go bad I'd get ripped off again.

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