Right C3

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Ste 500
Phone 8887574020
Website www.rightc3.com

Right C3 Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2014

My child and I went to the RightC3 companies presentation got to the interview part and as I was listening to the representative I liked what I was hearing about the program and I proceeded to sign until he got to the part about signing for a loan and taking money out of my bank account every month I explained my issues with those things I told him no I am on a fixed income please tear up that contract I do not want your services rep.stated he would not tear it up instead he will just hold it until I call RightC3 to authorize I never called them to authorized representative advised me he would let his boss know to not turn it in Now I'm locked in a loan I can't get out of because he refused to tear it up like I asked When the Rep.advised me I would have to have Internet service to start the program I explained we don't have Internet access I don't go to the libraries the nearest library is a long way from my home so I can't afford RightC3 this company takes money out of my bank account every month for 15 months and I have never used it not one time I asked them what services cam I paying for I never wanted your services from jump I was tricked lied to snd bullied into this contract and then the companies payments and contracts department tell me I can't cancel They kept telling me I signed the contract I told thr m yes I asked your representative to rip it up instead he lied and submitted it for his commission pay obviously because he refused to meet my demands and forced me in to this scam my bank account stays over drawn and I have a second chance bank account and I was doing great the last 2 years the companies employees claims to not know who owns WrongC3 I meant to say RightC3 They gave me the name Larry Phillips claiming he is the head person and yet he has no phone no office location no email this company is running a scam that is ridiculous the contracts department stated if I look at my contract I signed I said lady did I not just tell you I did not authorize that contract to go through it was supposed to have been ripped up so there for I never received a copy of anything this is Ludacris I don't even know the name of this loan company taking payments out of my bank account every month and she advised if I shut my account down I will still be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the contract they allowed their representative to lie and deceive me for his personal gain and lock me in a contract that I can't get rid of someone please help me with answers for justice this was deceit lies fraud and forcing an unwilling person into a scheme and a scam.

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