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Country United States
State Maine
City Portland
Address 80 Exchange St
Phone 1.877.375.7104
Website http://getringaway.com/

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  • Feb 11, 2015

Not Forthcoming with Contact Info

The customer service number listed on their website is out of service. If you reply to their order confirmation email, the address doesn't exist.

I had to go to the BBB to find the contact information to cancel my free trial. I am now sharing this info, as they didn't feel it necessary:

BrainSalt, LLC


585 Forest Ave Ste 1

Portland ME 04101

And in an effort to document, I spoke to "Adam" today to cancel my trial and he assured me I would not be further billed for ANY reason. If this does not end up being the case, I will be back!

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  • Jan 12, 2015

My complaint is that the product did not work, the company withdrew payment for the second shipment the day I called to cancel it. When I returned the second shipment, they did not give a full reimbursement, they did not return the S&H charge of $9.99 even though I had to pay for S&H to return the product that I was not satisfied with. Future customers beware, if you want to try the product for the first two weeks of pills for $9.99. Cancel the order right away, so they don't send the second shipment that will cost $109.97, but I can tell you right now the product does not work.

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  • Oct 14, 2014

There is a company advertising on the radio called Rin A Way the sells a product for tinnitus or the constant ringing in your ears. I called them for a trial package, never received it. Called them and asked why. He said it had been returned never really explained why. I told him to STOP my trial period NOW! and give me a refund , he did not do it. Over the weekend I saw they had charged me another fee of $72.98 which is wrong again, it's supposed to be $60.00 plus $8.99 shipping. I called them again sain "I still have not received a product and you charged my bank account!"

After spending 20 minutes on hold and haggling with the man on the phone I could not get a full refund he SAID I could get 25% back is all which I have not received and it does not even show up as a pending transaction. Which it SHOULD at least show up as pending right away if he did in fact give a 25% refund.

So, my advice please stay away from them and don't get ripped like I did.

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  • Jun 5, 2015

I bought the trial order of Ring Away for $9.99 and then I cancelled the main order. They sent the trial order but refused to cancel the main order. Instead they billed me double and when I complanied they stated that they would send me back a debit refund. I waited three weeks and after they claimed they had already sent my refund I said prove it. My bank does not have any record of a credit for the 119.00 deposit. I called back and the second guy said that they had processed the refund but had not sent it. This was four weeks ago. The product does not work and they sent me a double order two weeks AFTER I had cancelled the trial order. They refuse to prove to me that they sent the refund. They have no intention of sending the refund and DON'T give them your debut card indformation. They are theives.The pills are worthless.

  • Mar 20, 2015

Even if you make sure you want to cancel recurring billing after your first trial bottle, they charge you about $120 and send you two bottles anyway. Then when you want to return it, they will refund you the $, but buying the shipping box and paying for shipping is on you! how come? Because apparently their error, comes at your cost. Such a joke.

  • Mar 6, 2015

I ordered ring away and was told that, since i was ordering a months supply, i would get a month's supply free. I was told at first that i had 15 days to try it. I received the bottles on 2/5/15. After 12 days with no relief, i called the customer service number and was told by a very rude rep that i hadn't given it enough time...I actually had a 30 day trial and should keep taking it to give it a fair chance...It was homeopathic, not magic, and i needed to be patient. I continued until 2/22/15 but still has no relief whatsoever.

When i called this time, i was told that the 30 days had expired. I explained that the trial was from receipt of the product, so the rep said ok, but that i would have to return the product at my own cost by wednesday. The product trial was not that i had 30 days but that it had to be returned within 30 days. Since feb. Has only 28 days, i tried to explain that i had more than 2 days to return it, but he wasn't having any of that. He first offered me a discount of 25% to keep the product...When i refused! he offered me a 50% discount. I gave up and asked for a refund of the 50%... Which i still have not gotten

The only thing this product does is line the pockets of the scammers who sell it!

  • Mar 20, 2015


Regardless of whether the product works, when I called I had to listen to about 25 minutes of prompts before they processed my $10 bottle. There was about six "BUT WAITTT...THERE'S MORE" pitches before they actually completed my order. It was absolutely painful. I also made sure that I canceled my "recurring billing" option, since the second and third bottle are about $60 a piece. I ABSOLUTELY MADE SURE I CANCELED THE RECURRING BILLING OPTION. I personally cannot stand when companies hope they catch the occasional consumer who does not know better to cancel because they are making money off those folks left and right. Anyway, a month later I got two more bottles in the mail, and about a $120 charge on my credit card. Complete crap. The guy on the phone told me to return it and gave me an RA#, but the shipping was on me. I flipped out because, even though shipping may be a small amount to pay, IT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF IT THAT IT WAS SENT TO ME REGARDLESS OF ME CANCELING THE RECURRING BILLING!!! (NOT TO MENTION HAVING TO WASTE 25 MINUTES ON THE PHONE TO MAKE SURE I CANCELLED IT). So it seems like regardless of what people actually want, we are all guinea pigs and will have to go through the hassle of calling this damn company to get a return authorization number, buying a new packing box, and paying to ship the stupid pills back to them. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!! STAND BEHIND YOUR MISTAKES. THE $10 IN SHIPPING IS REALLY GOING TO HELP YOUR COMPANY WAY MORE THAN WHAT WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM IT WHEN I BAD MOUTH IT TO EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO HEAR HOW RINGAWAY WORKED!!!! GO TO SCHOOL AND TAKE A MARKETING CLASS, YOU ARE NOT HELPING YOUR COMPANY, TRUST ME!!!

  • Feb 17, 2015

Recent 30 day trial

I ordered the 30 day trial Ring Away, after using since Feb. 3 ,2015 I I discussed the product with my Dr. Feb.15, and was told to stop taking because of my current medications etc. No problem except today Feb.17 Iam being charged on my debit card $129.97 and I have no idea what this is nor did I authorize..(evidently by giving this company my Debit card for shipping cost of the 30 day trial it has given the authority to continue charging???? I will eventuallyu get my money back after paying $20.00 in shipping cost. I feel this is a scam and should not be allowed to continue as they are.

Don Sones

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