Rising Sun Pictures

Country Australia
State Sierra Leone
City Adelaide
Address Level 1, 180 Pulteney Street
Phone 618.8400.6400
Website flinders.rsp.com.au/

Rising Sun Pictures Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2014

As an artist who wants to be involved working on visual effects for films commercials and television shows, one would like to have a choice of what field they would like to persue.

However, I have been robbed over $9,000 back when it started around 2013 when I approched the doors of the studio who works on feature films etc after paying my fee.

When you approch the studio and become settled in, they explain the critera of the course on what they will be teaching for the next 10 weeks. You only have two choices while studying.

Remeber, there are over 20 fields within this industry. You only get to learn 2 fields. You dont have any other choice.

Beware of this company. If you want to be a 3d tracker or a rotoscope artist, be my guest and contact them. Just remmeber, the first intermediate wage for a rotoscope artist and a 3d tracking position is $40,000 AUS.

Other fields pay high wages such as an animation artist for a junior roll is $60,000.

This company is not up front about there course critera outline.

You are introduced to other fields but not longer then 20mins.

The HR (human Resources) person Marcus Wells assists you with your resume, but is not on the ball with feedback from the work you produce in your own showreels you create off the premises at the studio.

Looking for work is left up to you as they stop commuincation with you once you have payed your fee of $10,000AUS (Latest figures online)

This company should get there facts in place, anouncing to customers (students) what will be involved over the next 3 months.

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