Rite-A-Way Plumbing Services

Country United States
State Aruba
Address 2201 BLUEBELL DR #K
Phone 8009747379
Website riteawayservices.co

Rite-A-Way Plumbing Services Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2014

Rite A Way Services was contracted by my home warranty company to do the plumbing work. The company is based out of Riverside, Ca but also work in San Diego County. I was to pay a $65.00 fee to the plumbing company. Chris, a technician from Rite Away Services came to my house a week prior to see what needed to be done. He told me he needed to order parts and will call me when he is ready. I made an appointment with Rite A Way a few days later. Chris was a no show on 6/25 when he was supposed to do the repairs. The company never called. He came out the next day to do the repairs one hour after the time frame (1pm-5pm) he was supposed to show. He started out by fixing two faucets in the master bath room. Only one needed repair. He didn't repair the faucet in the down stairs guest bathroom. I told him he needed to fix the down stairs bathroom sink like I showed him when he was here last week. Before fixing the laundry room valve, he told me he needed to go to Home Depot for parts. After fixing the laundry room hot water valve, I noticed the valves were loose in the wall. They were not like this before. He assured me this is normal and refused to do anything to stabilize them. Later that night I found out he did not insert the drain for the washer in the drain tube correctly when my wife did a load of laundry, water flooded the laundry room and leaked downstairs creating water damage. My carpet was soaked and smells like dirty laundry, the baseboards in the laundry room are swollen from the water and their is still moisture in the walls behind the washer and the master bedroom closet. After a few days, I noticed hot water coming out on cold water cycles. I discovered Chris had put the hoses for the washer on the wrong valves. Hot on the cold valve and cold on the hot valve. Chris came out two days later to see the damage caused by water. He told me the manager of the company would call me. He never called me back. Another technician came out a week later to take pictures. After that Rite A Way Services would never return my calls and would not pursue any sort of compensation for the damages.

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