Ritzio International

Country Cyprus
City Nicosia
Address Diagorou 4, Kermia Building, office 60, PC 1097
Phone 357 22 675231
Website http://www.ritzio.com

Ritzio International Reviews

  • May 25, 2015

I went to the River Palace nighclub/resturant some year ago. Place is runned by a company called Ritzio International Headquarters

Diagorou 4, Kermia Building, office 60,

PC 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel./Fax: +357 22 675231

[email protected]

I meet some girls that I exchanged phone number with and dated. After this event I feel morally and financially blackmailed for haveing sex. An organziation called FEMEN www.femen.org is morally trying to blackmail me I feel.

This looks like a maifa that wants more money than agreed on or trying to damage my reputation. I told them you can not bring me girls that want money to be with me. People linked to it did not listen. The placed got raided by armed police and shut down.

Big corruption in Ukriane. A lot of prostituion. Stay away dangerous! It was a mistake to visit this place.

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