Country United States
State Comoros
City Oklahoma City
Address 120 N. Robinson, Suite 1600
Phone 1-877-575-4678
Website https://www.rivalhost.com

Rivalhost.com Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2014

Todd Reagor, owner of Rivalhost, has repeatedly lied to me about hosting a RACIST site chimpmania.com.

I have been in contact with their support, contacted CloudFlare, created a change.org petition that over 22,000 people signed and he OUT RIGHT REFUSED to remove the site.

He uses CloudFlare and other hosting providers to hide who is hosting the site because his entire company is a sham! I found two addresses for his business online:

From his site:

120 N. Robinson, Suite 1600 Oklahoma City, OK 73102


5204 Summit Drive, Edmund, OK 73034

(Found here: http://www.webutations.info/go/review/rivalhost.com)

The first address goes to a mail forwarding service. It is not a real company address. The second looks to be a private residence. I have sent letters to both to tell my story and explain that this site is humiliating my daughter and it is simply not right. Anyone who has children would understand how I am feeling, yet Todd Reagor and the Rivalhost team completely ignores me.

There is no question in my mind that Todd Reagor himself owns this site as his LinkedIn profile shows he once worked for a FORUM hosting company. NOW he has a DDOS company. Chimpmania.com is a forum that is being protected from ddos attacks by Rivalhost!

PLEASE help me get this site removed! It is RACIST, UGLY and HORRIBLE! You are discriminating against people in the most vile way.

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