River Ridge Resort

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Stanwood
Address 22265 8 Mile Rd
Phone (231) 823-8338
Website www.riverridgeresort.com/

River Ridge Resort Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2014

Not a good experience at all. Referred by someone who said the park was okay, called their number and was told a spot was avalable. We paid for a week. Our motorhome alternator went on way in (same day) and we called to cancel since no mechanic was on duty on weekend. The young girl that answered the phone said that Debby is the park manager and she would have to refund it and that “they do not like to give any refunds”. So we were told she would call on Monday. Mon, Tues, Wed – no call. On Wed I called and talked to Debby who said they have to enforce their cancellation policy – I had to give 12 days notice. VERY FUNNY – it was the same day dorky Debby! She could care less, the policy stood and despite me telling her I never was told the policy she bluntly told me, its on the website. Yeah, nice one dork Debby – I didn’t come to you through a website.

This is the kicker. She explained that the “park manager” would have to call me and talk to me about the refund. When I told her I was told SHE was the park manager, she said no, “he will call you tomorrow”.

A week later – nothing.

Horrible experience, avoid this “Resort”, resorts don’t treat customers like this and we have disposable income and extensive blogging experience….

If they keep our $165 for no value received (at all, nothing) this RV Resort is a SCAM and they are getting the free speech press they deserve!

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