Rivera Document Processing, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Orange Park
Address 400 Madison Avenue
Phone 877-201-8926
Website www.riveradocumentprocessing.com

Rivera Document Processing, LLC Reviews

  • May 4, 2015

Rivera Document Processing contacted me with a letter delivered in the US Mail to my home address. Everything looked very official and when I contacted them they asnwered with well articulated and educated conversation. These people are excellent at making you believe they are your best friends and will solve all your mortgage problems. They will tell you they can get your mortgage paid in full and additionaly they can get you a settlement for the mortgage companies failure to keep proper record of the legal ownership of the title to your home. I was charged $2,050.00 dollars for a "Securitization" of my mortgage. I waited four months for this company to complete what they told me would take a couple of weeks. At the end of four months I demanded some update be given in the way of writen proof of their research into my mortgage lender. They never delivered anything. I finaly demanded a full refund, of which is promissed in the contract you sign when you enter into the agreement to hire. A refund was promissed but never transpired. I filed a complaint with the Central Florida BBB, in a couple of days they responded with another promiss to pay. Payment was never received. I have since filed another complaint with the CF BBB. My advice to you is do not enter into business with this company. The owner has filed a LLC for that company, so court action is completely useless. Their are two owners of this business, Mr Rivera and a silent partner who is listed on the CF BBB site. Their website has this disclaimer printed at the bottom in fine print.

Disclaimer: Rivera Document Processing, LLC, its employees and any affiliates thereof are not lawyers. We are unable to stop foreclosures and sale dates. Due to certain state laws, we are not able to to do business in the state of Florida. The materials available on this website are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the authors. Use of this website or providing information to the email address provided does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Please beware of any company advertising a securitization. Only a lawyer can perform this action and it is not cheep. Any paralegal that advertises same is either not telling you they work with a lawyer, or they ar decieving you.

  • Feb 7, 2015

Attached four files to my email, providing information about the company and what they can do for me.

The $750 initial investigation will fully refunded if finds nothing wrong with the mortgage.

Called in bank info. to Nicole Wood for payment in 4/24/2014.

Got documents in the mail to copy and send it out to current Lender, Washington DC., and Respa.

According to Nicole, they have 30 dys. to produce what was requested.

The lender respond back and mailed all documents to Rivera Document Processing.

Passed 45 days of waiting for no respond, she said theres a case to go on to suit.

Fees needed first to start for $2,500.

Agreed to pullout 1/2 and the rest after a job done. Instead, pulled out full amount without my permission.

Text Nicole and called office , no one answer.

Text and informed her that i will go to authority if im not fully refunded.

Brian called me back n told me to wait for 7 to 10 days. That i will be happy and congratulate me!

Text Nicole and Spoked to brian again after 10 days. Gave me the same answer.

Until this day 1/9/2015, never called, text, write, or email me.

Many text and calls with no reply.

Many sleepless day and nights for the hard worked $$$ just got taken away for nothing.

Nothing left to use to get help from a real trusted person to get it back.

  • Feb 13, 2015


Please provide your name so that if you have not received your final documents, we can track the package and rectify the problem. Without having details, it is difficult to correct this to ensure that you receive the service that you paid for. Thank you

  • Jul 17, 2014

They contacted my via a letter entitled "Call Now! Cancel your mortgage payments! 24 hour operators are standing by!" I called and spoke to a man who tried to explain that my Mortgage company was under investigation for mortgage fraud and I should send their demand letter for information to prove they have the titel legally. They will review all the paperwork for $750. If no wrong doing by my mortgage company, they will refund my money. I recieved the paper work, but my husbands name was spelled wrong. I contacted them to correct it, and they seemed very helpfull to get new paperwork to me.

I grew a little worried after reading the "contract" regarding paying them $750 and tried to contact them with questions about what they would be doing exactly and questions regarding quiet title, etc. The phone number goes straight to voice mail - which is full - then hangs up. Brian Royce. 1-877-201-8926. I tried to email them via their web site - although I requested a copy to my email - no copy was sent, and no response from them. http://riveradocumentprocessing.com. I tried to call the phone number that a women had call me one, and I had called back to clarify the spelling of our names. 1-909-541-4953.

Looked up their address on google: A small group of stores "Green Oaks Plaza" with a Lawnmower shop, Pet grooming/boarding store, tattoo store, and dance studio. 4 stores no sign of Rivera document processing LLC. I called the dance studio - she was not aware of the document processing store, but to be fair was not really sure who her neighbors were.

Found another person who posted to 800notes Feb 28, 2014

The two people associated with this number 877-201-8929 are: Rob Wood and Brian Rivera located at: 400 Madison Ave #104, Orange Park, Fl 32065. They claim that all loans with Ocwen Loan Processing are illegal. These two guys with a price tag of $3,000 will file a quiet claim with a judge in your area so you can have a free and clear title to your home. NO more mortgage payments ever. Are they ligit in doing this? That I do not know. This is what these two guys claim. -- The thing about this is -- I received a letter in the mail about this outfit so I called the 877 number and talked with Rob Wood. He did say that when I call from now on to call this number -- 904-505-5718 and not the 877 number. The 904 number doesn't research to anything.

Caller: Rivera Documents Processing

Call Type: Telemarketer

Sounds fishy to me. Will not be sending them anything. I will however send the papers to my lawyer who can review them, and I trust not to scam me.

  • Jul 4, 2014

You receive letter in mail, poss. several . call now, subject; "cancellation of your mortage '' do to past mortgage co. selling of mortgages, not having all docs. & of robo filing docs. this is a pymt plan over several mths.Told it would take 6 mths. to complete process. pymts of several thousond $$ later , sending docs. back & forth . he would call keep in touch ,while sending $$ but after 9 mths , i called to find out of update . no reponse. after several calls still nothing . i'm in mich. but I might fly down to fl.to find him. some of the letters came with adress of; las vegas NV. anyword on this to the loc. of this co. would greatly apriciated. david, wayne, MI.

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