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Country United States
State Denmark
City Dallas
Address 1201 Elm Street, Suite 1600
Phone 214-965-6349
Website www.riverstoneres.com/

Riverstone Residential Group Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2014

I was a tenant of Bella Vista from Sept of 2013 to Sept of 2014. The Apartments are OK, landscaping is almost non existent and generally the property is rundown. I had at least 10 calls for repairs in the year I was a resident. Throughout this period I complained to management on six different occasions about noisy neighbors and nothing was done.

At the end of the lease period I was allowed to contine to lease from them for an additional $215 per month. So, I decided to move on. I cleaned the place and had a walk through with the maintence man. He told me there would be a cleaning charge of $140 even after I cleaned the apt.

21 days later I received a bill from Riverstone Residential Group for and addtional $224 for cleaning, carpet cleaning, painting, 10 sink stoppers, three gallons fo paint, two hours of labor and one months water bill. The water bill is not in question. What is in question are the other charges.

single guy, live alone and did no damage to the walls, didnt even hang any decorations. When I left, the paint was still good, simce i was told when I signed the lease they had just repainted. Not sure why the apt needs 10 sink stoppers, but they bought 10 and charged me for them.

when I called Riverstone Residential Group about the charges, Luke was condesending and combative. The management at Bella Vista will do unnecessary cleaning and work on the apartments and charge you for it. Customer Service is non existent and the property is generally in poor condition My experience with this company has been nothing but negative and if I have to rent a place in the future I will be sure it is not managed by this company. If you live in the Sac Metro area stay far away from Bella Vists in Elk Grove and Miramonte\Trovas in Natomas.

  • Aug 28, 2014

Statement: I took this apartment lease last year (a residential apartment) for one year. I received a job transfer (9 months later) across the country. 2 1/2 months before the transfer, I was directed to sign a 60 day notice of "rent responsible" by the office manager (Diane) of Avion/Spectrum Apartments in San Diego, CA. I was told not to worry, I would never pay a dime in rent past August 31st because it was the simplest thing to re-rent my apartment to another professional person – I found out later that they continued to rent around us (redlining and other federal laws involved) - we paid up to August 31st and vacated two weeks ago. We were told by the maintenance manager during the move-out inspection two weeks ago that we would not be responsible for any rent and that the rental unit was going "to construction," which effectively ended the lease.

Suddenly, the story changed - the office manager Diane claimed that we now could not get the $2,500 rent release and that we were “dumb” by choosing “rent responsible” (at her demand, since she said it would be simple to re-rent the unit) - we just received a bill for $4,879.54 for lease payments through December of 2014, even though we properly vacated the apartment two weeks ago. I have attempted to contact senior management at Riverstone Property Management over the past 30 days with numerous phone calls and of course we were stone-walled by the local leasing agents (no response from the regional office or national). If a secretary picks up live, it is impossible to reach anyone in management. What they are doing is outright fraudulent. It seems apparent that the responsible real estate license holder is failing to manage and that the office manager had us sign the 60 days’ rent responsible form under duress (which, as I recall, is outright illegal in the State of California). Can you do anything about these scam artists at Riverstone??? They are outright stealing our money. They even kept our $500 security deposit and charged clean-up fees - this is just ethically and morally wrong (maybe, they do this a lot).

  • Aug 27, 2014

I was shown the model unit three times. On each occasion I was indicated specifically that my unit would be the same and that mine would have a den. I believed them. I made all the arrangements to move there and all the time leading to my move in the leasing agents were unprofessional not following up on paperwork. I had to go in person to ensure it was taken care of.

On the move in day, I am told to do the walk through alone because the leasing agent could not leave her desk only to find out a few minutes later she locked to go show somebody a unit. When I asked to speak to a manager. The leasing agent told me to step out, to leave. The manager, who was off, refused to assist me.

I had spent days and money calling utilities, cable, USPS, and others to set up my move. I had a truck loaded with new furniture arriving in minutes. I had nothing but one day left at my old apartment and they did nothing to help me. They gave me no reasurance of when or how they would correct the problem. I was expected to just move in and put everything in one room, not pack and wait until they decided to put floors. I did not have that kind of time and anyone who moves is in no position to do so. They are in the business and should know this.

The manager decided to call me at the end of Monday, nearly two days after I had to turn around and go back to my old place, run around crazy, cancel all my commitments, and pay extra everywhere. I almost ended up living on the streets.

They have not refunded me my application fee and deposit. They are unprofessional, unresponsive and committed a crime against me.

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