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Country United States
State Colombia
City Valley View
Address 7887 Safeguard Circle
Phone 18008528306

Safeguard Properties Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2015

I have a property Preservation Biz. We recently took on Safeguard Properties big mistake.They promise you all

this work which i will say they have.But when you turn your completed work orders in is were the problem starts.

You have to take pic. of every little thing you do. And that is were they get you they will pick them pics.apart.

They will find anything they can wrong in them pics an because they say its wrong they will refuse to pay

you for that job.I am thankfull we only delt with them for a short time, the money an time i have invested

with them will never be seen.So please stay away from Safeguard Properties you are only asking to get burned.

take it from someone that knows.

  • Oct 6, 2014

I arrived at my Maryland property today, to begin winterization and arrange for my plumbing service to meet me to initiate the furnace for the winter. The house is being prepared for renovation of a previous water leak and to prepare for sale, as my job has transferred to another state.

upon entry, the front door handle lock was broken, and the house open. I immediately called the city police and they responded quickly. The officers and I went through the house and the rear door handles had been removed and thrown, debris from installation of new hardware was left. The rear door was open- someone had put a lock box on it - however the door was open, so anyone could walk through it. door hardware was thrown and strewn around the back yard, and the trash barrel thrown into the bushes. The officers and I found a sign in sheet that indicated that "Safeguard Properties, Inc.

As a request of the mortgagee are tracking all persons entering the property" Faucets and toilet were sealed off and my water shut off. The officers attempted to contact the company at the number provided- the option to leave a message was not functioning & we were unable to leave a message.

Who are these people?! The mafia?

My mortgage is paid up to date! there's a sticker attached to my door that indicates that Safeguard Properties declare the house as vacant. The house is being prepared for sale, and we are at the house every weekend. There are ladders, paint and primer in the middle of the room.

A professional locksmith just replaced damaged door handles and locks. $160.00 to replace locks to secure the residence.

I will be filing a complaint against PHH mortgage, as well. this is an unexcusable mistake. During my internet search of this company, there are several media expose's of this companies break and enter tactics with damage to peoples personal property.


Hagerstown, Maryland

  • Sep 11, 2014

I did property inspections for All Star Lawn Management, Safeguard Properties in eastern NC. I was employed by Darryl Gene Gardner. I started doing inspections after 3 hours of training provided by Mr. Gardner. I started on Aug 4th, 2014. I was fired on Sept 8th, 20, After completing all the inspections, time and gas, he refuses to pay me. It all stated when he told me to let him know when empty houses had appliances or personal property left on the premises so he could get them. He told me he takes them to flea markets and sells them. He said he makes at least $800 every weekend. I refused to do it. It was company policy not to take any property left on the premises. He then would text me ugly messages, downgrading me, belittling me. Threatening to fire me. He would give me orders that were due that day or past due and if I couldn't get them done by dark, he would send me nasty text messages and threats. I am a full time college student and I am in school until 1pm everyday. He told me that if i wasn't so fat and lazy, I could get more houses done each day. I did at least 20 houses every afternoon. Now he is refusing to pay me for any of the work I have done. He is a crook and a scammer and All Star Lawn Management is well aware of his practices. Be very careful of this company and their services.

  • Jul 16, 2014

On Thanksgiving day we found that this company had entered

our home, changed the locks and stolen

many of our valuables. Their legal department has not

responded although we called them

to complain and filed a police report.

To date, they have done nothing to compensate us for our losses.

We see that there are numerous lawsuits against this


for fraud and illegal

entrance, theft and harassment of homeowners at the request of mortgage companies.

Can your organization help us to locate an attorney or class action

lawsuit that is familiar with this company?

There are many news items about this and the stories


our experience:

  • Jul 7, 2014

Safeguard Properties is managing "preservation services" for a particular property at the corner of Dexter & Taylor in Detroit, MI. Despite multiple calls by myself and my neighbors when looters break into the house, they have not returned since clearing out the property and locking it up the first time in the late fall of 2013.

Today I called while a looting was in progress and was told they already had two open tickets on the house, but that they had 48 hours to follow up. When I told the operator that I had never seen a Safeguard representative show up to re-secure the property, she said they had photos of a lockbox on the house. There is a lockbox, but the looters broke the doorjamb so the box is useless (this was done over the winter, so several months ago). When I told her *that*, she completely blew me off.

I know that a lot of looting goes on in Detroit, but if Safeguard just writes off the properties they're hired to protect it just exacerbates the problem. I've already called Bank of America (the owner) to report this but feel this Ripoff Report is justified because of the demonstrated lack of follow-up by Safeguard.

  • May 6, 2014

Property Preservation Scam

After we signed an agreement to perform services and 8 months later, we choose not to continue services due to many economical reasons including a scam involving insurance companies. Three days after we stopped services, Safeguard chooses to find any reason possible to not pay for services already rendered.

Safeguard Properties has a lot of issues and pending litigations pending against them. Do not trust this company. They pay very little for the services and then try to beat you out of your money. Robert Kline is most likely the biggest rip off in the business world today.

Do NOT provide services for safeguard properties. We will be filing liens. Go to and to see many more reports.

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