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  • Nov 5, 2014

These people are really something else. I joined their little "club" a couple of months ago and thought I was joining a exclusive group of guys who tinkered with satellites, boy was I wrong. After being with the group for a month one of the site owners private messaged me and asked me if I wanted a great deal. I was like "heck yeah" what's the deal? Well, the deal is that they are selling hacked cards and systems that are not legitimate. I never knew the system was a hacked system so when I got it and hooked it up I was like sth? I know stealing cable and sat is illegal so I promptly boxed it up and emailed the owner asking him or her to allow me to send the unit back and prompt me a refund.He said sorry, that is what we do here and I knew the risk's.

I actually told him that I thought they were just legit tinker hobby enthusiasts and want no part of stealing anything and again demanded my money back and he then told me that If I say anything he will post my IP and home address for the other members to harass me.

So, I called the police and filed a report today and the officer told me to report it here so seek some sort of help. Anyhow, a string word of caution that these people are nothing but thieves and liars. You should not deal with them and only buy legitimate satellite systems

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