Secure Fence LLC

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Kinnelon
Address 6 San Filippo Way
Phone 1 973-559-5592

Secure Fence LLC Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

Marc was very personable and willing to work with us. He gave us a good price for our fence and installation. We chose him over two other people we interviewed.

Fence installation went well until it started to rain. The guys began rushing and the last 6 sections did not go in straight. Holes dug with dirt and stones laying all over the lawn. Some posts are 10" higher than others.

After 4 months of calling and emailing, Marc finally showed up. He agreed he would come back and fix it. Months later, an inept day-worker showed up, alone. Straightening a fence, redigging holes and repositioning is impossible for one man. He was doing such a horrid job on my lawn, that I asked him to leave.

I called Marc again, he eventually came back but basically said he would come back and fix it but since I used my one time "fix it" pass, it would not be a priority. For over a year, I kept calling and emailing.

Marc had many sick relatives he was caring for, a sick uncle, an ill parent etc. He must be a very nice guy, just a lousy person to do business with. He was never able to return. Now it is 19 months since the fence was installed.

I promised him that if he didn't show up to fix what he agreed needed fixing, I would put his name and company name on every website I could find so no one else would have to put up with his bad business practice.

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