Security Enforcement Group

Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Address 80 Broad Street Suite 1202
Phone 212-747-8779

Security Enforcement Group Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2014

I agree with Mike from the Bronx.

This company is interested in making people take classes under the pretest that they will be given a job after completion.

The charge as much as $300 for certification that cost $25 or is free.

My brother was looking for a job as a security guard job. Called 212 470-7082 and one Mike Codes picked up. He said they had positions in the city and asked him to come for interview. When my brother arrived, they told him to register for a 3hour course to complete Fire Guard and Hazardous material training. They told him he had to pay deposit of $100.00. My brother only had $29.00 in his pocket. He also gave them $50 from his debit account. This was on Wednesday, so they told him to come to class on Saturday for the training. I found that fire guard certification cost $25.00. Harzadous training is free and given by the companies such as Blackhawke security. I also found that security elite charges as much as $240 for CPR and first Aid. You can get this training at a local fire station for free.

When I tried to collect the $79 deposit from Mike Codes (212) 470-7082, he said it was non refundable. He said it is just like college. I told him if you register for college and classes have not began, you get 100% back his classes have not began so he is entitled for the whole money. I then asked him what was that money for?

Please save your money. Any employment agency that promises to give you work but first wants you to give them money is fake.

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