Sedona Beauty Secrets

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Henderson
Address 7565 Commercial Way, Unit E
Phone 888-978-2848

Sedona Beauty Secrets Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2014

I am new to the "Free" deals on the interenet. Found out nothing is EVER free.

Sedona Beauty Secrets did it again! They offer a sample product for $1.03 plus shipping. I ordered it on the internet and received a package with some eye cream & eye patches so I thought this was the "sample."

I did not discover I was charged $94.31 until I looked at my bank statement. I would never spend that much for any cream for any part of my body. I called them immediately. The person I talked to was a female, sounded foreign. When I asked for a refund of my money after explaining I only wanted a sample - she said I did not cancel my "account" in the 8 day time limit so would not refund.

I continued to say I did not open an account with them & if they thought I did cancel immnediately!

After asking for a refund repeatedly, she talked to someone while I was put on hold. She said, then they would refund only 30% & cancel my "account." I said again that was a scam and they should refund ALL of it because I didn't open an account. She tried to cut me off & finish the call, but I insisted on the refund.

After about 20 minutes arguing, she said they would refund 60%, but that was the limit. They HAD TO keep a portion since I didn't cancel within 8 DAYS> Finally, I just said it was very unprofessional to scam people like that & they should be reported.

I wish I had seen the complaints against this company before I fell for their $1.03 deal. I learned a hard lesson!

  • Sep 27, 2014

Sedona Beauty Secrets boasts its product will only take 20 minutes for noticeable improvement in the skin. This is blatantly false. I tried their product for weeks and saw NO improvement whatsoever. They take money out of your account amounting to hundreds of dollars starting within the two week 'trial' period. This product and company is NOT worth the trouble or money. Do not be scammed by this horrible product!

  • Sep 15, 2014

Sedona beauty secrets is totally a pain. I too fell for the $1.02 s/h and had my account hit for the $95.00. I called multiple times for a supervisor but was told no, i must deal with them. Teh last call i made to them i was able to get 60% of the $95.00. i had also told them i had my back statement in front of me and could prove the 8 days had not passed. all other contact and comments on this sight with bad experiences, mine were exactly the same.

  • Jul 28, 2014

They mislead the trial sample and charge full price for a small sample size product and refuse to refund money they were not authorized to touch

  • Jul 24, 2014

Sedona Beauty Secrets appear as an free sample option when signing up for Women's Freebies. They require a $1.03 shipping fee, but a very short while later, your credit card is charged $94.31. I truly thought I had carefully read the information provided, but obviously they slipped one in. The products were full-sized and not just tiny little samples, but signing up for a free sample, is signing up for a free sample, no matter how much you get.

Skinny IQ did the exact same thing. I got skinned for $188. Hard lesson learned.

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