Sedona Pines

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Sedona
Address 6701 W SR89A
Phone 928-282-6640

Sedona Pines Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2014

I said i couldn't decide today b/c i had to figure out my finances. They convinced me that this was the only time i could sign the paperwork and i could cancel in 5 business days if i wanted anyway. I figured there was no harm. WRONG ASSUMPTION! In a couple days, i emailed both guys who processed my paperwork and called multiple times. Nobody returned my calls. The email ended up being wrong and it was printed on a business card. The number was also for someone else. I finally shuffled through the paperwork and found out there was another email to get a hold of Christie Resorts, so i emailed them. They said sorry I was too late to cancel even though i had been trying for a week already. The reps made me promise to call to talk to them before i canceled. I'm sure they do this to delay you so then you can't cancel. I tried to dispute the charges with my bank because they are over $1000 and everything was ok until recently when they told be Christie Resorts was correct and are now taking the money back out of my account. Now i can't afford my mortgage. I'm still in the middle of this dispute faxing in all my emails to them. Buried in the paperwork that the reps don't tell you is that they define business days as weekends too even though the dictionary and every normal person describes them as other than weekends and holidays. Also, they did not consider my emails to the reps as counting as a cancel.

The reps convinced me to sign the paperwork because I could cancel later, but there in fact is no way to cancel. The business cards they gave me when they asked me to promise to call them if I decided to cancel had wrong info on them. The emails came back unreceived and the numbers were for different people. When I finally shuffled through the paperwork, there was an email for the resort directly. When I emailed them saying I had been trying to cancel for days now, they said sorry, I was too late and wouldn't talk to me. Also in the paperwork was one small sentence saying that business days include the weekend, which is not true by Webster nor anybody's standards. I have since been fighting a dispute with the bank ever since. Do not sign their paperwork only to cancel later. You will not be able to! Do not be fooled by them.

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