Seph Lawless

Country United States
State Colombia
City Cleveland
Address 8205 Franklin - Apt 12

Seph Lawless Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2016

Ordered a book almost $200 no returned money and yup you guessed it, no book.

Fraud thief scam

  • Jun 27, 2016

13:American Horror Story FRAUD

I have also ordered a book May 2016 and now it's the end of June 2016. NO book. And I was charged almost $200.00 for this.



  • Jan 13, 2015

I ordered a book titled Black Friday, from Seph Lawless. It was a book about abandoned shopping malls which he apparently got arrested numerous times while trying to take photographs.

My book arrived with a nice coffee cup stain on the cover, the images were poor quality and it looked like a fourth grade student had taken the photos. They were just awful. The accompanying text was barely comprehandable as being the English language. I suspect his dog is the proofreader.

I go to ask for a refund and he tells me to eat shit. That was the official reply.

Turns out after reading some forums many other explorers and photographers hate this guy. Joe Melendez has created numerous harassing webpages on Facebook that attack anyone who speaks out against him. I should know.

Two days after I politely asked for a refund, I get a call at 2 in the morning with some porn music playing.

I google the number and it comes up as an old listing for "M Cleaning Services" in Cleveland which (ta da) Joe Melendez aka Seph Lawless used to operate.

I then get subscribed to dozens of porn mailing lists - and the email address I used to contact him with was used just for the purpose of ordering a book. Nobody else had the address.

His mother must be so embarassed this piece of she raised tuned out to be a harasser and stalker.

Speaking of which his dad is Philip Melendez (Cleveland) and his mother is Lynne Hawarny (Michigan)

Please stop harassing people who had the misfortunate to order your piece of garbage. The ink also runs if you touch the paper with your fingers. Very poor crap.

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