Serra Nissan

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Birmingham
Address 1500 Center Point Pkwy
Phone (205) 856-2544

Serra Nissan Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2014

Received promotional material via mail. Scratch off card indicated that I had won one of 5 prizes. Called number on card to verify and was told I was a winner of one of the prizes listed, ie new car, $25,000, tv, $5,000 gift card, $500.00 gold coins. Explained I lived a county away and did not want to drive to dealership if I did not win one of the above prizes. Again I was assured I was a winner of one of the above prizes. Confirmed a third time that indeed the number on my card assured that I was a winner of one of the above prizes.

Went to dealership and was told I was not a winner. Explained to the salesman what I had been told and he asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. Spoke with the man identified as the manager who was rude, hateful, unprofessional and frankly just mean. He did not listen to my complaint, just became more irritable.

This whole incidedent persuaded me that I never want to do business with Serra Nissan, even though I was considering the purchase of the Rogue. If this dealership is as dishonest with their auto sales as they were with this sales promotion which is obviously a gimmick to get unsuspecting customers into their dealership then I want no part of them.

Customer beware of this dishonest dealership and the manager that represents it.

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