Shane Eaves

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Clewiston
Address 707 W Ventura Ave
Phone 19036347534

Shane Eaves Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2014

His man has gotten my phone number from a dating site, he has represented himself as a30 year old woman trying to relocate due to loss of her job. I have received as many as 20 text messages a day from this so called woman. There were pictures sent to me, obviously stolen or purchased online. After having been taken for $75.00 sent to purchase gas & medical supplies, this person attempted on several ocassions to get me send $300.00 to $500.00 dollars to pay for gas so they could drive to my location and move in with me as a roommate/ partner. This raised red flags to me, so I began to subtlety ask questions in order to find this persons true identity. This person claimed to be a woman named Eaves from Clewiston, Florida. After a little while I got this person to give me their last name. It was Shane, so I hit the white pages app on my phone and found no one in Clewiston by that name. So, I reversed the names, and sure enough there is a Shane Eaves listedin Clewiston. I then checked on the facebook link supplied on the white pages ad and found that this is a dually a man posing as a woman who is trolling the dating sites to scam older men out of their money. After my little bit of detective work, I sent this Shane a text announcing his real name, his addresswith zip code, and his home phone number. Told him I had discovered his scam, and gave him a list of his known associates, also listed in the white pages ad. Told him I was going to turn this information over to the police. Since.I.did this I.haven't been contacted again. This report is basically intended to warn other people of this type of scam, so maybe he won't be able to con anymore retired people out of their Social Security money. In closing if you re i'd've a text message from +19036347534, or a message from [email protected], BEWARE, this is a scam. Its a lazy worthless thief out to steal your money. Thankfully I managed to catch his game before he stole a large amount from me.He preys on older men who have lost a loved one, and are lonely. He's the worst kind of thief, he uses your pain to steal your money.

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