Shea Homes

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Scottsdale
Address 8800 North Gainey Center Drive #350
Phone 866-696-7432

Shea Homes Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2014

Ken Peterson refused to sell me a new home even though i has put 10k down with a home equity line of credit which was for lot 778 & the RE sales agent had already put a courtesy hold. All the women selling new houses at Greer Ranch was not interested in selling me a home right before closing. The women would not start a sales contract that night.

They also did not want to show me home sites because it was dark. I became infuriiated with them & i have found the sales agents unwilling to sell me a home that night.

Ken Peterson refused to sell me a home because the sales agents emailed him the emails i sent to some of the female sales agents. They took them to be threatening which i say was only a figure of speech that had alot of profane language.

One of them stated for them to rot in hell because i was so enraged with the zero customer service.

All I have to say that they must be a rich company where they can refuse ot sell me a home because they took offense at my colorful language.

They all need to go to back to school for customer service since i found that they all could care less when i was trying to buy a house. Ken Peterson made the decision not to sale me a home.

Well all i can say i guess you are all rich since you seem not to care that i was a customer with excellent credit.

My view is that Nancy, Marci & Ken Peterson should be terminated for the lousy customer service.

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