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  • Apr 11, 2014

David met Tetyana Goncharova (Tanya) in the Ukraine in March 2007 while he was working in Europe. Tanya became pregnant with their daughter on April 17, 2008. Starting then Tanya continually used the unborn child as leverage to extort Davidd for her and her family personal gains, first for money, and then property in the excess of +11,000 USD. The first K1 fiance visa application applied by David was denied in March 2008 based on her past history with the US Immigration and evidences of prostitution in Japan, Turkey and Romania which David found out much later. In April 2008 Tanya was pregnant as a grand plan for a fraud marriage to obtain a passage to the US via the K3 Spouse Visa.

In December 30, 2008 their daughter Nina Pham was born in Poltava, Ukraine. Starting then Tanya continually used our child as leverage to extort David for her and her family personal gains, for more money, their daughter USA citizenship, then a post-nuptial agreement in her favor, then passage to the US via the K3 Spouse Visa.During 2009 to April 2010 in Poltava Ukraine, David was a full time stay at home father to assist in taking care of Nina. During this time, Tanya would not take the time to provide or to learn to care for our daughter. In addition she would not cooperate with David

to apply for the Consulate Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America and US passport for our daughter Nina Pham unless he signed a post-nuptial agreement under her terms. Tanya not only had threaten David about signing the post-nuptial but also David exposing her fraud, blackmail to the authorities to keep their daughter in the Ukraine and away from David. She received the K3 Spouse Visa in June 2010.

In September 14, 2010 we moved to Austin, Texas. Starting then Tanya continually attempted to use the City of Cedar Park Police Department, State Criminal Justice System, the Civil Judicial System, The Criminal Judicial System and US Immigration System against me. Tanya has found the Shield Foundation in late 2010, approximately 2 months after they moved to the US from the Ukraine. Tanya was coached by a Russian woman in Phoenix Arizona, Olga Chaikheeva of the Shield foundation. Olga Chaikheeva specializes in coaching eastern block women in the USA to fabricate and file allegations of abuses to the local police, civil and criminal judicial systems for the protection order to FRAUD US Immigration to grand a permanent green card. In March 2011 her strategy begins with an email to seek an immigration lawyer under the cover of domestic violence. In April 2011 her strategy continues with 911 calls on multiple occasions to the Cedar Park, TX police department with false allegations of domestic abuses that the police never acted upon due to no evidence.

On November 9, 2010 Tanya had an abortion against David wish. Her reason as stated by Tanya, she only needed one child. David later learned that this abortion was just one of many abortions by Tanya.

On December 2, 2011, Tanya filed for divorce with an Ex-Parte Protective Order which was denied and vacated on December 16, 2011. Tanya then repeatedly used the same fabricated allegations with additional false allegations to obtain two more civil Ex-Parte Protective Orders and one criminal Ex-Parte Protective Orders using the Williamson County District Attorney office, TX. In addition, Tanya used the same false allegations plus new false allegations of stalking/abuse on February 22, 2012 to have David arrested on third degree felony stalking charge. On April 16, 2012 the ADA April

H. P. of Williamson County, TX received an order permitting her to withdrawn as attorney of record

for Tanya. Because Tanya cannot prove to the courts her fabricated allegations, on April 23, 2012, she was fined by the Judge and David was awarded $3500 lawyers fee and all protective orders were denied and vacated with prejudice. On May 23rd, 2012 Tanya was fined by the judge for contempt and David was awarded $4055.12 and $166.13. These fines were for her multiple violations of the judge orders on December 22, 2011 orders. On June 10, 2012 the Williamson County Criminal Court No-Billed and dismissed the criminal stalking charge. Her divorce on December 2, 2010 and subsequent actions were calculated moves to defraud the USCIS and other

government, private, non-profit agencies. She made the move for the divorce because she has found out that David was going to file for a divorce and exposed her fraud to the USCIS.

Tanya continued to exploit statutes within the United States immigration system that were created by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1996, the Cedar Park Police Department, The Williamson County Texas District Attorney Office, The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, The State of Texas Attorney General Office, The US Federal HUD Agency, Texas State Housing Authority, the Local Hope Alliance Women Shelter with same false allegations of abuse which were denied and vacated. These statutes and agencies have the honorable intention of aiding abused women, but now they are being used dishonorably by Tanya a foreign national, destroying lives and deflecting benefit away from those truly in need.

Furthermore, Tanya has a history and a pattern since 2000 to present of committing fraud, theft, verbally and physically abusive, violent behavior, and adultery to the following American citizens under the guise of love:

Mr. Kenneth Boxer 2000-2004 with several K1 Fiance visas. Mr. Kenneth Boxer described Tanya as the antichrist and the devil in several emails to support David's fight for the custody of his daughter Nina

Mr. Carl Moss 2005-2006 (ex-husband) with K1 Fiance Visa and failed marriage annulment due to fraud and permanent protective order against Tanya. Mr Carl Moss

David has learned that during their relationship after March 2007, Tanya had sexual relationship with other men for gifts, sex, money.

Before and During their divorce, David has learned that Tanya has sexual relationship with an African American man Mr. Ron Broussard. During this relationship with this Mr. Broussard, she also has relationship with multiple other men (Mr. Steve Ingram, Mr. Oscar Lainez, and others). She has exposed these men to their daughter Nina against the judge order. Nina was just a tool for Tanya to extort money and to fraud USCIS.


From: Carl Moss

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:17 AM

To: David Pham

Subject: Tanya fraud marriage

Hi David,

My relationship and marriage with Tetyana Goncharova ended because:

Duration of relationship: 2004 to 2006 Visa to the US: K1 Fiancee Visa granted, married in the US

Lived in Lake Charles, LA: Nov 2004 to August 2005 (10 months)

Divorce/Annulment: Jan 13, 2006 Annulment due to fraud, protective order

Relationship/marriage ended because Tatyana Goncharova:

Stealing - Tanya skimmed money from my business and my mom's business

Sex for Green Card Deal - Tanya threatened to leave me, but offered a deal to stay and provide sex until she received Green Card

Fake Suicide - When at first I didn't jump at her deal she broke a picture frame and slashed one of her wrist, pure manipulation

Fraud - Tanya committed Insurance fraud to fix her crooked nose, actually slightly hurting her nose to be able to use the insurance

Fraud - Tanya stole money for Capital One by over-drafting her account from over seas and not paying it back

Liar - Tanya lied at first about being able to have a baby, then lied later about not being able to have a baby due to previous abortionTanya no more wanted a child then the man-in-the-moon, aborted one child before me, and found out later one after me

Verbally and physically abusive - Tanya hit and spit on me on multiple occasions

Plan B - Tanya was collecting business cards from wealthy men at work at the Casino incase she needed them in the future

Cheating - Caught her in bed with a trick, who then offered to pay me thinking I was her Pimp, until finally realizing I was the husband

Prostitution - Japan & Turkey prostitution, I saw video of her Japan & Turkey tricks doing her business

Prostitution - After marriage found web sites offering Tanya's prostitution services

Mean-Spirited - Tanya hired men to beat up her Stepmother for stealing her dad away from

her mom

Marriage annulled due to FRAUD and restraining order issued Jan 13, 2006

How I ended it and got rid of Tanya:

Accepted deal with Tanya to stay and provide sex for Green Card

Started planning how to get her back to Ukraine and leave her there

Talked her into a month long trip to Ukraine to visit her family

Once I accepted her deal and played along, Tanya then saw me as her partner in crime

Tanya then felt free to open up about her dirty past, telling me stuff like she was proud of it and wasn't somebody to mess with

Talked her into starting our deal of divorce by getting her to sign a waiver(had to do this because I knew she wasn't coming back)

Once in Ukraine I threatened to leave her there unless she paid back the money she stole nearly $7,000.00, Tanya wrote me a check

Kept her going by saying I would stay but not with her, told her wanted to start looking for new wife, she agreed

Left her city, cancelled her advanced parole(paperwork to get back into US), cut my trip short by 3 weeks went home not telling Tanya

Cashed the check, let her know she wasn't returning to the US with me, threatened to have criminal charges waiting for her if she returned

She threatened to contact the FBI and my local Police trying to flip the check into me forging it, stealing from her

Never spoke to her again!!!

Regards, Carl Moss


From: Ken Boxer

Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 1:09 PM

To: davidpham

Subject: So sorry to hear what you're going through.

Hi David,

I just heard the news from Carl. I'm so very sorry to hear what you're going through. Tanya is the devil. She is a liar and would do anything to get a ""leg up"" on your situation. If you're in need of assistance or at the very least ""moral"" support, don't hesitate to call. Carl and I know exactly the type of person Tanya is: Selfish, mean-spirited, liar, manipulative are the first words that come to our minds.

My best wishes and good luck.

Kenneth Boxer


From: Ken Boxer

Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 10:33 PM

To: 'David Pham'

Cc: Carl Moss

Subject: RE: Thank you for your support

Hi David,

I spoke with Carl and we totally believe your account of everything 100 percent. We know this is Tanya. You have a beautiful daughter. I, too, would fight to have full custody. Speaking only for myself, I would have also hired a private investigator to follow tanya. I would also have gone to Radio Shack and for 40 dollars purchased a recorder and record all telephone conversations in your home. Then have one of your Russian/Ukraine friends interpret what Tanya is saying. She is the antichrist.

Good luck, Ken


From: Roman and Olga Ludvik

Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 12:20 PM

To: 'David Pham'

Subject: from olya and roman

Hi our dear friend David !Your news upset us very much. Knowing you as a wonderful friend and a very nice loving father who ready to help in any minute and do anything for your child we feel very sorry that you cant see Nina now ,because she is the meaning of your life .You are a really good man and deserve the best possible .

We know Tanya not a lot but remember very clear when she was trading with you concerning the amount of money for her and her mother before going to America .We sure she would like to take all your stuff and money and Nina just a means to an end .

We very often remember you and always ready to help .Tell in more detail how can we do that .You asked us to come to Texas and be with you in court but also you understand that it takes some time to get visa to America and prepare all documents ,it is very difficult. If you decide to come here to Ukraine ,we will help you to get from airport to Poltava ,you can stay in our house and we can give you all necessary evidence certified by a notary and translated into English .We wish you a patience and luck and please let us know what exactly we must write to your lawyer .And if you would like to talk on skype we can do it tomorrow or how is better for you ?after ok for us .Will wait for your soon answer .Olya?Roma!


From: Tatyana Goncharova

Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 10:48 AM

To: 'David Pham'

Subject: RE: HI Baby

Hello Lover,

How is our business going on? Are you being a good worker and a dedicated Vice President? ;) Baby, Ive wanted to ask you something. I dont really know how you would react and moreover I dont even know if I have a chance to get my stolen money back.

See, Ive been thinking about getting a one room apartment as an investment and as a place where my mom could live, or lets say if everything is fine and I go to the States she could live here in my place and rent the other one. Ive been to the bank today trying to get information about the mortgage which is about 10% a year. And I thought if you could borrow me $5 000 now and I would pay you back if Hibernia proves the fake signature and return the money. I do realize that the percent is very small and you would not consider it. Also I always wanted to tell you that instead of buying so many things for me Id rather have the money..;) Anyway, I will pay less of mortgage if I prepay more, obviously. I talked to my mom, she will take paying part of the mortgage since she works. Ive talked her out of going to Italy, its irrational and not worth it. But now we need to decide the accommodation question. Please let me know what you think and if you could help me with borrowing the money. I love you, I see youre offline, thought I could catch you,


Your T.


From: Tatyana Goncharova

Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:42 PM

To: 'David Pham'

Subject: RE: Privetik Tanya


I talked to my sister and my brother- in-law today, they placed the add about apartment selling with more agencies, so they believe it will be sold this month. I will need that 5K when you come this time, the problem like I said is to bring them in good banknotes, not shabby or with any marks on it. When I was in the States planning going to Ukraine I went to the bank and I asked them to get good ones for me, it was no problem. I will appreciate it if you do it for me. If not I will get a mortgage from the bank. And speaking about gifts, see I need stuff like warm clothes now, its getting cold and you tell me that I cant buy a warm winter jacket when I need it, while you get me lots of things that I dont need and some that are not to my taste and I think its not fair considering my needs. You know I appreciate everything you do for me but I was hurt when you told me that I was an impulsive buyer since I get stuff that I need. So you will call in the morning to let me talk to Natasha, right? How long have you two know each other, I dont remember you telling me how you met. Well, I will keep the receiver next to me tonight.

I love you,


From: Tatyana Goncharova

Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 2:46 AM

To: 'David Pham'

Subject: xoxoxo

Hey darling,

Ive been also very busy yesterday, as I told you we had an apartment deal: spent two hours at the notary, then Igor and I were going to different banks dealing with the money. I put my share in the bank as well. Apartments keep getting more expensive, I cant get why. Now, Im lack 2-3 K again. My family buys a house next week and will start moving out. I just got another bill for my apart, I thought I paid everything, these bills wear me out and suck all the money. Funny joke, Russian man told yall. See, thats what Im saying you guys so sure about being so smart, but in the end its always women who set the rules, hahahaha

Be good, I love you,



From: Tatyana Goncharova

Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 12:12 PM

To: 'David Pham'

Subject: RE: Dear wifetik


Why was it too long, how was I supposed to figure anything out if I wasnt an American resident. It was two years and I was told that the case can be considered even after 3 years. I dont understand we sent all the right documents almost 6 months ago. I can only say that nothing is fair and in the States youre nobody I have set deposits with different banks so I must be getting interest in a month. So all my money is in the bank now, under 11-15% year interest. Apartments keep on going up and I was told that it will be 25% more expensive. People like crazy buy gold and cars. I guess political situation doesnt get better. My sister got bad food intoxication. Baby, please e-mail when you get to Europe. I love you,

Your wife.


From: Tatyana Goncharova

Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 3:38 AM

To: David Pham

Subject: money


Can you bring some $ cash, let's say 1000 and then when you come in December you will bring 4-5 K. Or may be it will be better to split so you don't have to bring all the money cash at once for safety reason. You can bring 2K now and the rest in December. $ is doing good now, it's about 5.4 grv. I called Stas, if I'm busy with the documents on Wednesday than he will go pick you up without me, all right? I'm afraid I will have to bribe the lady at RAGS to have her marry us next day.

I love you,


Tatyana Goncharova.


Subject: middle of the night

?? ????: ""Steven Ingram""

????:""Tanya Pham""

???????, 12:21 0 ?????? ?????? 01/09/2012

I got up in the middle of the night to wrote this email because I couldn't sleep. I was just laying there getting angrier and angrier thinking about:

You disrespected your attorney by not following her advice and are making her job harder when you saw that guy this weekend. Then on top of that you left your phone on, where David and his attorney will know all about it! Again making her job harder. You called me telling me all about your weekend. And instead of hearing about how much you missed your little girl, I hear all about your stupid date! (Your business yes, but evidently you feel like the divorce is a done deal and you don't need to watch what you do anymore. Well, good luck with that, but don't expect my help) That

is on top of: I go to your attorney's office to help you and she disrespects me by all but ignoring my input or even my presence. Then I take you to my mechanic (at your request) and you leave your phone on again!! And probably messed up my relationship with the only good mechanic I have found.

I go to your restraining order hearing and again I am all but ignored by your fucking attorney. You

come to my home that night and ONCE AGAIN leave your phone on!!! OMG!! (It is apparent from your many phone issues that my privacy is not to be respected. And neither is my help.)

In the beginning, I told you that I would help you in any way possible, however I would only require only two things from you. 1) that you do not try to manipulate me and 2) that you show respect like you would anyone who stuck their neck waaaay out to help you.

So what do I get? You call me and gab all about your date!? You talk to me, telling me all the details like I am your best damn girlfriend. Jesus! Who do you think you are talking to? Not only that, but according to you, I sound like big bird. Am not attractive. And I don't dress right. And I am to be ignored for my trouble. My time, money, effort, privacy, and friendship don't seem to matter that much. I stood up for you when NO ONE else would. I would much rather you simply say thank you and stop the assault on my friggin ego!


From: Ron Broussard

Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 12:45 PM

To: Tanya

Subject: Re: :-)


I don't want to lose what we have built in such a short time, remember I'm your huckleberry.. For the last two months I've looked forward to your beautiful smile every day. I believe that you didn't want any of this to happen... Are have been one of the reason I'm still in Austin. My heart hurts today knowing that I may not see you again.. I will continue to pray for you and Nina...


Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


From: Ron Broussard

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 3:12 PM

To: Tanya

Subject: Re: :-)

Of course, they will be waiting for you on my bed..hehe

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


?? ????: Oscar Lainez

????: Tatyana Goncharova

????: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 21:36:14 -0600

I LOVE YOU!! I mean I LOVE BOTH OF YOU!!! that is so nice of you!! and the shirt looks

perfect! I mean perfect on you!

Oscar Lainez


From: Tatyana Goncharova

To: Oscar Lainez

Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 9:30 PM

Subject: Go Oscar, go!


Nina and I decided to cheer you up for tomorrow marathon. We took a picture for you..:-) It would be fun to go the marathon event. We all wish you to have a smooth one..hehe Take a good rest tonight and good luck..

Tanya & Nina


From: Mark Sears

Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 2:58 PM

To: Tanya Goncharova

Subject: Complicated

Hey Tanya,

I cant even begin to tell you how nice it was to hear your voice today!

I am sure that we both will never understand how Love took us by such surprise so big and strong then I disappeared so suddenly.. As I tried to explain and I am sure that we both agree that to wait a Year plus to be with each other sounded Ridiculous and neither of us felt that it sounded so attractive or was even an option that we wanted or felt that we could live with..

But here is the Truth! Everything happens for a reason, and I know in all of my Heart that you are not supposed to end up with the man you are with right now for life... I think that you know this deep down in your Heart also...but I also understand that you would like to be in the arms of your other half as soon as possible, I know that is how I feel now, and from the very moment that we met, I felt it was you that was my destiny.

As crazy at it sounds and I am sure that you may feel that this is a terrible thought...I had hoped you would go back with your ex to continue your visa application... I know that you would never want to start a new visa application by your last letter to me, and the thought of marriage to me even though it seemed right to me from the beginning, did not change the fact that I wanted to get to know you first and spend time dating only you with the intent of marriage leading to me spending the rest of my days on this earth with you. So we were at an impasse and a place that neither of us could win...

The hardest part of this whole idea is the thought of my mind with you and another man intimately... I know that you would have never agreed to go with him and come over here on his visa to be with me... because I suggested this to you from the beginning and you told me in no uncertain terms that you would never do this willingly...So I had to take a chance and walk away hoping that you would do this without my suggestion on your own which would only bring you closer to me faster without waiting a year plus by doing so... It has to be one of the biggest risks that I have taken in my life... and maybe by sending this letter to you too soon, has already cost me my chance at a lifetime of happiness with you, but I could not go another day without telling you what I was thinking...even if it risked everything, because I cant stop thinking about you..

I cant stop thinking about the time we shared together even though it was only a couple of days, it was some of the best days I have ever lived....and surely days I will never ever never forget...

All I can do is hope that you will at least think about what we talked about, and with these words keep a small door open for me and know without question that once you come to the US I would be here for you... and if what I have wrote to you makes any sense to you... and even more if you really believe that my words are true that you are not suppose to be with this man that you are with now for the rest of your life. You will call me when you are arrive here .... It does not matter when, I would come for you or if it brought you to me even quicker, I would send you a ticket... and if was even possible I would send you a ticket to arrive to me tomorrow...

All I can ask is that you think about it...maybe try and see the logic in the risk that I took with you...and to please forgive me if my thinking was off even though it was for the greater good...

Sometimes the greater good takes self sacrifice... and if it is out of the question for you- then I will have to understand and know that I made a very bad decision....and unfortunately will be stuck living with it for the rest of my life...thinking as the one Great One that I let slip through my fingers(YOU:) with trying to think too much..It is my nature to try to think of the best way to do anything...and even if it was the wrong thing to do, it was the only way to bring to you to me quicker... My Cell phone is 909-228-2287, My Home phone is 951-780-6786, My Work is 951-787-9988. Once you are here, if you would like to start the next day of the rest of your life with the one you are really suppose to be with.... then I hope that you will call me - Please search your Heart... This is all I ask!

With Greatest Respect and admiration and Loving hopes of your forgiveness...


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