Shilpa Medicare Limited

Country India
State Karnataka
Address 1st Floor, 10/80, Rajendra Gunj
Phone 91-8532-236494

Shilpa Medicare Limited Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2015

I was searching for work and I realized that most companies link hirees to the Indeed website, therefore I simply went straight to the sight which sent me to other caregiving positions, one of those being "SHILPA MEDICARE LTD" and if you are like me and apply to many positions in one sitting, it is easy to forget each of their names and if i even applied to them specifically or if my info was forwarded somehow. The name SHILPA rings a bell but I cannot be sure. However, regardless of this fact, they still got a hold of me via e-mail and knew the exact position I was in search of.

This is a copy and paste of the e-mail: "You have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the position offered. You are required to set up a yahoo mail and download yahoo messenger or Gmail account then download the app from you app store i.e for smart phone and for PC you can download one from the Gmail webpage "hangouts" (which used to be "talk").

After this process, you are to add Mrs SHARON LEWIS the Hiring Manager on Yahoo IM..." Then they went on to give me her info and constantly used the word ASAP in telling me I need to contact her in this small window of opportunity. Then I was given a verification code. After going through all the steps and inviting Mrs. Lewis to a chat, I began IM-ing this person whom tried to explain why it is they contact using this method. Saying it was like a screening to reach their "superior". Then I was asked to provide my FULL name and mailing ADDRESS. That rang red flags to me because no respected business would ask such a thing over the internet in such an unsecure way for sensitive information to be sent. "She" even threw in that BBB accredited it...I still was not buying it. Why would I be interviewed this way when it is the same as texting and they had my cell number from my resume (IF this was the same company I applied to)? Or why not simply interview me over the phone if it is all for "convenience"? Do not fall for the excuse that with their high volume of applicants, this is more way. These are the questions I brought up. And after minutes of immediate responses from "her", once my real questions began, I received no more responses. So I bid her farewell and cleared the conversation as well as ended it. Now I am here, sharing my experience in the hopes that none of you fall victim to this SCAM.

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