Shipit Transport

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Coconut Creek
Address 5489 Wiles Rd #306

Shipit Transport Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2014

When they ask you for a credit card number , RUN like the wind. They wait until the next day and find out what the balance is on your card somehow , Hopefully you were smarter than me and found this first. I did not do my research first and then found myself owing thousands that I was not quoated or approved for. Keep your money and stay AWAY from this scam company !

  • Apr 18, 2014

The whole company is a pack of LIES. I am willing to bet the good reviews were actually written by the scam employees themselves. The best advise I can give is the same a Rachel,s. Do your due dilligence first. Once you do , you will never answer another phone call from them . DO NOT give them your credit card and they will leave you alone I think, Wish I knew that before I gave them mine. I never allowed the to send me a driver after they ran my card for a higher amount than promised. I am currently working with my bank to dispute the charge, wish me luck ! Good Luck to anyone else considering using this scam company. The FTC will get my next complaint today.

  • Apr 17, 2014

Best Advise I can give you is do your research on nthis company 1st. Which I failed to do and the 1st to admit it. Just like everybody else that has used this company and has taken the time to research afterwards has the same story. They are a scam and I mhave no one to blame but myself. My husband told me to look them up 1st but the salesman was so nice at first I really trused him. NEVER again ! If you find this warning before you have given them your credit card you are a very blessed person . Count your blessings and look for a reputable company.

  • Apr 16, 2014

This company is such a scam. They tell you a low price and collect a deposit of 150 or 200. After telling you there is no deposit until they find a driver for you. WRONG . As soo as the get your card # you are a peice of meat to them . Now, once you are on the hook with them the driver comes over real nice picks up your car and before he takes it off the carrier, you WILL owe a lot more for all types of excuses. Taxes, tolls rainy weather, slowing him down for other pick ups and deliveries. If you value your auto and your wallet my best advise is to do your homework, choose a reputable company that does not require a credit card upfront and gives you everything in writing. I am now guessing now that they had their own employees write the reviews for themselves. I made a HUGE mistake hiring SHIPIT Transport.

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