shirley hein

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City montrose

shirley hein Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2015

I bought a macaw from connie kloss. Within a week it had a cloaca prolapse. I never asked for a refund or for her to replace the bird. I also sent a deposit on a blue and gold macaw. She sold it to someone else and kept my deposit. She has been on all the bird groups saying i killed her bird. Which is insane i would spend 1000 on a bird and kill it. In one of her messages she says i killed the bird by using my dirty fingers to put the prolapse back in. I followed the veterinarians directions. I am a retired nurse. Maybe that's the way connie puts the prolapse back. She also sent me a baby greencheek with no eyes. When i asked her why in the world would she do that.. She blocked me on facebook and continued to harass me by making up stories to slander me. Iwould like for her post about me to be removed. She was reported to the district atty in her town but they didn't do anything.

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