Shomax Marketing and Sales, Inc

Country United States
State Aruba
City Modesto
Address 614 Scenic Dr #102
Phone (209) 402-0325

Shomax Marketing and Sales, Inc Reviews

  • Aug 9, 2014

First of all, I know Shomax Marketing from Modesto CA and now I'm seeing that they are in Portland now. What kind of company is this that they switch locations?

I worked for the Modesto office for a long while and I got to know the inner workings of this company. Shodel Waites is the owner of this company and is shady as hell. If you've ever worked for someone who gives off the vibe of stepping on the little people, then he is it.

I'm all for businesses growing as Shodel promised while working for him. Saying I would own my own branch off of his office one day. Promoting growth growth growth and the promises of making tons of money. I saw when another manager owned Modesto Costco stores selling Directv inside and all ofa sudden that owner was shut down and Shodel got his stores. Devouring the little people I guess.

Shomax marketing is run by a money grubbing owner and he does it in a shady way. I know Shomax is part of Smart Circle and if you've read reports about the shady business of Smart Circle, then you'll know that they allow this kind of work ethic for all of their offices.

If you live in Modesto or Portland, I strongly suggest you stay clear of Shomax Marketing. Unless you want to work for someone who isn't honest and will take advantage of you, then by all means, apply with them. But if you're looking for a job that is run ethically and honestly, then apply elswhere. Geting involved with Shomax or Smart Circle corporations is a huge mistake.

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