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Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 415 Aledo Ave
Phone 877-650-7467

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  • Jun 11, 2015

I placed an order for a swimsuit on May 30, 2015. I was supposed to receive a shiping notification when the item shipped. On June 3, I had still not heard anything so I sent an email inquiring about the order June 4 and also asking for a refund since this is kind of delay is highly unusual when an online order is placed. I received a response back from Lucy Lopez that same day stating that the item shipped the afternoon of June 3 and she included the USPS tracking number. I waited for the item to arrive, but nothing came.

I then began to wonder what kind of company did I order from, so on June 9 I looked up the tracking using the number Lucy sent to me. The USPS website showed only that the shipping label was created on June 3 and nothing more. The package did not ship. After going through this, all I wanted was a refund and to be done with this crooked company. I sent a very strong email to Lucy on June 10, after filing a dispute against the company with both Paypal and my credit card company (I was charged for the item on May 30, the day the order was placed). I again asked for a refund and told her of my findings on the status of the tracking number. She answered me back claiming that the package did ship and that it may have been lost and that she was going to contact the USPS to open a claim. If they cannot recover the item, she claims tha another suit will be shipped. All I want is my money back and I will take my business elsewhere. This is THE worst customer service I have had with an online order and I would recommend that you turn and run from this business, as the same exact circumstance has happened to a lot of customers, I didn't read into the reviews enough before I placed my order and now I'm in a run-around trying to get my $86.00 refunded. This business is a scam and I will never order from them again-even if I have to pay significantly more for the same item from another retailer. It is not worth the hassle.

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