Sidney Spencer

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Mays Landing
Address 1422 Scranton Avenue
Phone 6092149209

Sidney Spencer Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2014

Safeguard Property Group is just one big rip off. At first at the low rate they paid me for each inspection was fine I just started with the company and figured I had to prove myself. Well I did and not only wasI doing inspections I started cutting grass. To make a long story short they have employess that dont understand thre real estate industry. They ask me to go to a property THATY DID NOT EXIST. When I told them it was not there took pictures to prove it WAS NOT THERE they keep sending me back and didn't want to pay me any instance. They kept increasing the amount of work that they wanted me to do which was fine however they said they wouldn't pay for work that was late and would not increase how much I was to be paid for each inspection to be completed. I highered people who barely wanted to work because I was only able to pay them $2.00 per inspection because I was only recieving $3 per inspection. Long story short they gave me 900 orders two times and wanted the worked completed in 5 days. When we couldn't get it in on time they did not pay me. I will participate in legal action against them.

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