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State Alabama
City San Mateo
Address PO Box 701
Phone 6505854708

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  • Jul 6, 2015

SiteMile is a one-man show (Andrei Saioc) out of Eastern Europe and is a complete SCAM. The scam works like this. You see an awesome-looking theme on their website full of many great features and it's cheaply priced so you decide to buy it. But once you start using it, you immediately notice that it's full of bugs so you notify support of all the errors. You will then get a response from Andrei who will give you some fake story saying that fixing those problems will require him to do several hours of "custom work" which he will then charge you for!

THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM! He is purposely selling faulty themes so that he can then charge unsuspecting users several hundreds of dollars in "custom work". But it gets worse! I have a friend who actually paid him for the extra work but Andrei didn't even fix all the problems and asked for more money. Andrei is a real fraud and I would suggest anyone that has had dealings with him to report him on websites like this so that no one else gets ripped off!!!

  • Apr 6, 2015

I joined sitemile affiliate program around dec 2014-january 2015 to promote their themes and products for an affiliate commission promised on their site. I put efforts and investments in marketing their products and drove a couple sales every month and got notification by their affiliate system of all new sales and affiliate earnings. By now, it has been more than three months since i joined the affiliate program and i have made about 6-7 bundle sales.

The affiliate program does not offer much detail as to when they will make the payouts, although it does say every month. It is not automated, meaning i have to manually ask them to send me the affiliate commisions and wait for them to manually process it.

First time i requested a payout, i got a one liner reply that i should ask again at end of the month since they payout at end of the month. I waited for the end of the next month, by then i had few more sales notifications. I requested for a payout and i got another one liner reply that they are looking into it. I waited and then emailed the developer andrei along with their site email asking if their affiliate system is shut down or will they send me the payment and the one line reply i received stated: "will check, sorry for the delay". Since, then i have lost trust of their intentions in paying my affiliate earnings and have sent one last email asking about it in april 2015, for which i have received no reply as yet.

From the experience so far, it has become clear to me that they are not interested in paying my commission earnings nor want to tell me why they are withholding the earnings, thereby they would like affiliates to keep promoting their products while waiting for their one line reply. I may not be the only affiliate facing this issue, hence i am reporting it on this online t for If there are other affiliates who faced the similar situation, they should let the world know that sitemile's affiliate program is a scam and it is useless to spend time and money in marketing their products since they are not willing to send the commission payments even after repeated requests for 3 months.

The amount of commission is not more than $250 but the principle and the trust is the main issue. If they are openly scamming affiliates, it may also reflect on the way they will be treating customers once they receive the payments.

I would not recommend sitemile products anymore for any reason due to this lack of trust and professionalism demonstrated by their owners. or sitemile wordpress themes is a scam and i prefer everyone to know about it and stay away from sitemile for benefits in the long run.

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