SJK Photography

Country United States
State Florida
City Delray Beach
Address 5274 Adams Road

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  • Feb 10, 2016

Pathetic, nutty photo thief & her moron husband

Stacie Klein (SJK Photography) got caught passing off stolen pics as her own. She removed watermarks and uploaded them to her own page, commented on them, and then, when caught, claimed "hackers" were responsible.

They then went on a harassment campaign against anyone that posted about Stacie stealing photos. To this day they continue to arass and report any posts on Facebook about their theft and craziness.

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  • Jun 25, 2015

A girlfriend of mine actually PAID for SJK photography services and is still waiting for a final product. Once they were outed on:, they went on several tirades against anyone who actually sided with the facts. Unfortunately, with all the threats Bill and Stacy made (known as Billcie threats), I advised my girlfriend to chalk up the loss of money as just that- a loss. The idea of these individuals attacking her and made threats was just sickening. These individuals call themselves professionals just acted as complete terrorists. Threatening companies, business owners, and individuals with loss of income and bodily harm.

  • Feb 28, 2015

An eye for an eye...

These people were called out on a website for stealing other photographers work, cropping out their watermarks, and then slapping their name on the photo in an attempt to pass off the photo as their own original work. Once they were outted these people went batshit crazy. If they did not demand photo stealers take down the proof against them.

Please take the time to visit the above link. There is also a blog by one of the other "stalkers" like me. it's a good read too.

If it didn't come up it's on the photo stealers website... With all the evidence.

If you see a comment by "conquestor" say "hi" to billcie for me.

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