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  • Sep 29, 2014

Kerry, Contra Costa County, CA

Advertise tha Ellen Degeneres "new undesclosed beuty secret" links to website that offers for only shipping fee of $4.99 each to send product as sample to try. The product arrives without any disclosure on package so you do not know or remember what the product is that was ordered. No invoice or receipt is included to phone or return the package so cannot cancel or return product. Then they charge whatever card you provided.

Total scam and I immediately notified my Visa card and the customer services person knew about the scam. They are doing this to alot of people.

I print out every screen shot to verifiy I was not notified or agreed to any other charges. This company was registered in another state and stopped doing business. Now in Egypt.

Clear Skin Solutions or any skin product for only a mailing fee is a total scam. Do not agree to purchase and get phone number to send a check. They refused to provide corporate address where I could return the product. They even charged my credit card before the 14 day period as it has a tracking number.

Total scam as they use deseptive advertising which I printed and am sending to Consumer Protection Agency. They will not allow me to return the unopened unused product.

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