Skin Logic Returns

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 3760 W. McFadden Ave. Suite B 602
Phone 888-959-6072

Skin Logic Returns Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2015

This company is a scam

In October 2015 I ordered my FREE trial of skin logic. Paid the shipping and handling fee. On 10/14/15 I cancelled my order only to be told I would be charged $28.71 to keep the product. I don't wish to keep this product. I have called the 888# on the adv card sent with the product numerous times. When I ask to send the product back I am suddenly disconnected. I have called my credit card company and put in a claim for dispute of payment. This cosmetic co is a scam. Do not buy anything from them

  • Feb 23, 2015

I am filing this report to let consumers know how this company operates. In October of 2014, I was sent an invitation for a trial offer of Skin Logic for $4.99. On October 15th I placed my order using my credit card. About a week later I received my order and that was the end of that, so I thought.

A few weeks later I saw that my credit card was charged $89.95 and a few days later another jar of Skin Logic was sent to me. Then I noticed after a few weeks $94.00 was charged to my credit card by Skin Logic. I called the company's customer service and it seems as though it was just a call center. I managed to get a refund for only $89.95 if I sent the jar back.

Nothing was said about automatically charging monthly for the product.

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