Skydive Coastal California

Country United States
State Aruba
City Camarillo
Address 375 Durley Ave
Phone 8053224763

Skydive Coastal California Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2014


In 2013 my friends and I purchased a total of 6 tickets for Coastal Skydive through The tickets had an expiration date of 06/06/2014. Due to work & school schedule, my friends and I couldn't find an agreeable date right away. On 06/06/2014 we knew we couldn't wait any longer and decided to schedule a date before the tickets expired. I called @ 4:47PM & 4:58PM PST to acquire about the times & dates available. I was told by the representative on the phone that I have until 6pm to call back and schedule. Because the dates available were 2 months apart, I had to get a hold of all 6 ticket holders to agree on a time.

At 5:42PM PST I called back and the office was already closed, even though I was told by the representative that I have until 6pm, as well as its CLEARLY stated on their website that office hours are from 5am - 6pm M-F. I left a message for a call back request; however, I didnt receive one until noon of the following day, at which point the tickets had expired.

After speaking to Sean the manager, he advised me that the tickets expired, and we must pay an additional $90 per ticket to redeem them. I also confirmed with Sean that all my calls were logged and they have the recorded conversations, as well as call attempts.

Granted, we waited till the last day to try and schedule an appointment; however, it clearly states that the promotional value expires on 06/06/14. That indicates that I have until the end of the business day to redeem my ticket. According to the representative, and their company website, I had until 6pm to schedule an appointment. If a company offers a redemption period and then doesn't allow its customers to get a hold of them during their business hours, then its unfair for the customer to have to suffer the consequences. That is bad business practice. Im all for taking an early friday, but not at the expense of the consumer. I have screen shots of my call times/call log, as well as Sean the manager confirmed his side of the call log.

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