Country United States
State Aruba
City Sacramento
Phone (916) 293-5900
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  • Feb 4, 2015

Hello Folks, After the Piglet business, web site template business, here is his next scam.......Social WiFi Tracy Bernardo is out selling a WiFi marketing analytic device to any retail, event, or recreational area to screw the owners and sales reps he signs up or hires. He hands out the tacky orange template brochures that match his tacky orange template website. When you look closely to his operation, he displays an office address or two that does not exist. It's a UPS store with a suite number that does not go as high as 299. They only go up to 140 as far as post office boxes. He sells the device for twice the suggested manfacturing price to the potential clients. Then the next step is his sales reps to upgrade them to his Sacramento Web site to sell people expensive web sites with the quality you can do yourself from Go Daddy.

Social WiFi portal is a company that is not listed in the state business directory,it does not have a CL entity number, or listed as an LLC or Corporation. He does have a reseller license with Air Tight Manufacturing Distributors, but it's listed under a different name. Go ahead and try to sue the MF when it comes to find out if something is not working or a sales rep does not get paid for his work. Especially an independent contractor. He operates his business in his used BMW like a Lexington Laywer. Everything is remote. yes he micro manages and calls his people with a progress report every minute. He has tweaked his web site a bit, by representing himself as Tracy B, Mark D, and claims his office is in Sacramento. But what's the street address? There isn't. This is a heads up for everyone that might purchase the device or sales reps that represent him. I don't know of a casualty so far, but with his background from the previous companies, this is warning for things that make you go Hmmmm.

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