Sona MedSpa International, Inc.

Country United States
State China
City Charlotte
Address 5955 Carnegie Blvd. Suite 300
Phone 5012287662

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  • Jun 25, 2014

Sona MedSpa uses radio ads that say "no more shaving, waxing or tweezing" in reference to their laser hair removal treatments. This is fraudulent! I am willing to be my life that a HUGE portion of their customers who complete treatments with them still have to do one of the three of those.

I got two separate treatments from them. The first one yielded 90% hair reduction after 5 treatments, the 2nd yielded 10-20% hair reduction after 9-11 treatments. I was told by a Sona Consultant before I began my 2nd treatments that they had gotten "better, more effective" lasers. This is clearly not the case as evidenced by my documented results.

I was also told by the consultant as well as various technicians that I was a "good candidate" for treatments. They are luring customers in with their deceptive advertising, marketing and consultant claims, and then not delivering the results they have promised or implied.

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