SongCast, Inc.

Country United States
State Colombia
City Cuyahoga Falls
Address 2926 State Rd, Suite 111
Phone 330.958.2419

SongCast, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 8, 2014

I have fallen on hard times, like a lot of people. Among other things, i'm a songwriter/singer. looked completely legitimate and I was impressed that it was only 5.99 a month. However, I was just charged 5.99 but I was having technical difficulties uploading music.all that's on my page is an album cover and a title of a song. There is no upc link, because there is no music. It's just a blank page, essentially. So I was charged 5.99 for absolutely nothing. They also never specified the date it would be taken off. In addition, their number 3309582419 must be bunk, because absolutely nobody anders ever. It rings for 36 seconds and then hangs up. No voicemails or anything. I've read many places now about their bullshit. I hope they meet their maker and are sued the s*** out of. I'm on a fixed income and any obscurities or problems with my financial account is a hundred percent unacceptable! I am severely disappointed and disgusted,with this behavior and attitude.

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