Sound Tree Entertainment LLC

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Jupiter
Address 4300 Main St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Phone 5614044290

Sound Tree Entertainment LLC Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2014

Soundtree Entertainment aka greg james blount,gregory james blount,james greg blount "oh does he goes by so many names to get innocent people money.This man is a habitual lair and a con-artist have you ever seen the movie catch me if you can? ummm yeah that's priddy much him.

Greg has beat me and many other inocent people out of their money. making promises to parents that he's gonna make thier child a Disney star, and he has these camps you attend with your child to meet these supposely important people thats suppose to discover you child and i paid out 5 thousand dollars and my child met NO ONE or audition for NO ONE. mostly everything on the camp brochure are lies, His excuese are the people wasnt able to show up,or the people had changes of plans and something didnt go right. And when you question him about it he get's a attitude and get's very nasty about it and he has his favorite picks in children and if your child is not one of his favorites then your child gets the cold shoulder.

So after that bad experience he tells you in order to really get you child connected to the Disney casting people you have to buy the head shots which is what i thought was included in the camp which is what the brochure say's LIES LIES LIES you have to pay 174.00 for your child head shots. so we decieded to get the head shots done and me and my husband thought we were taking our child to a professional studio he had us up in a nasty town house hot as every where dogs were running around everywhere. The equipment was "so unprofessional he had the kids stiiiting in a dollar store wooden chair i never seen it in all days of my life".dumb me for even taking this joker seriouse.

After the head shots was taken and two weeks had past i call to get the status of the head shots he told me the head shots didnt come out good so we had to retake them,so we go have them retaken then it tooks me a whole year to get the head shots and they where awful. something needs to be done about this man and all the good complaints on here about him a insider that work close with him thats no longer working for him says that its him writting them. im taking this to the news because these are innocent children and i was innocent so was my child HE WILL BE STOPPED! HE'S GETTING RICH OFF CONNING AND TAKING! SHAME ONE HIM FOR STOPPING ON CHILDREN DREAMS AND USING THE HEAVENLY FATHER IN HIS SHENANIGANS!

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