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  • Sep 20, 2014

This person is impersonating and stealing the photos of a famous model named "Bernardo Velasco". He is an online predator who mainly approaches young girls on the internet, eventually bringing them to send him compromising photos of themselves in order to profit from the photos financially.

He is part of an international ring of criminals making up fake profiles online just like the one of "Saul Pires". His accomplices are also women who approach men online to get them to do exactly the same thing.

Once they have amassed a substantial quantity of personal photos and information, they will threaten you to post it online or to send it to your friends and family. They often ask for money and say they wont do it if they obtain that money. Or they will just sell the sensitive content on the internet.

Here are a few fake profiles this group has created :

1) Chloee Teare --> This person is pretending to be a real model named Khloe Terae

2) Saul Pires --> Impersonating Bernardo Velasco

3) Mika Matthews --> Impersonating Sports Illustrated model Cintia Dicker

Impersonating Cintia Dicker

Corrina Shirak --> Impersonating sports illustrated model Irina Shayk


There are thousands of profiles online that have been created by this group. This is a case being investigated currently so please come forward and post your experience here if you have been a victim of this group. We will take this criminal investigation to the end to bring these criminals to justice.

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