Source One Network Solution

Country United States
State El Salvador
City Madison
Address P.O. Box: 5343
Phone 6082226320

Source One Network Solution Reviews

  • May 7, 2014

Unfortunately we have fallen victim to this companies poor management as well. We should have researched this poorly run business prior to working with them. The owner, Dick Bond, will promise you the world and lie about paying.

I do not understand how a company can have outstanding contracts with large companies, while not paying those who do the work. Source One Network Solutions operates like this, you are expected to buy materials, provide labor and complete the projects without receiving any deposits. They basically receive net 10 terms from their clients and pay their tech companies on net 45 if your lucky, but your looking at net 60 or 90 before they will consider paying.

This is a great example of bait and switch. I have found so many complaints about this company that I am surprised they are still around. They owe thousands in unpaid invoices!

seeing as how I am pretty upset at this company, I am going to do everything in my power to personally visit Bloomin Brands home office in Tamp Florida. I have spoken to people there who have agreed to a face to face with me about our unpaid invoices This meeting was arranged after I had a attorney start the process of filing a lein on the locations which our company worked. From what I gather, we have to act swift on this matter to prevent others from falling prey their tactics And to send a strong message to them and their clients.

I'm not sure what's going on at Source One Network Solutions, we have been contacted recently by 4 other technician companies who are also unpaid by them. I don't know how these technicians received our contact information, maybe there is a mole at Source One who is not happy. None the less, I will keep everyone posted on what happens from here.

if you are a victim of their shady practices, don't hesitate to contact the client directly and complain about payment or threaten to place liens on their property. This will get results!

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