South Shore Furniture

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Salt Lake City
Address P.O. Box 410429
Phone 8773150183

South Shore Furniture Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2014

I went online to RC Willey's website looking for a king size platform bed. The one I ordered was a South Shore brand. Because I ordered it from the website of a well-known furniture store, I expected that it would be delivered in person by someone who would be able to assemble it for me. This did not happen. Instead, three weeks later Fedex dropped off two large, heavy boxes on my porch. Inside were the parts for ME to assemble this mostrosity, along with some of the WORST instructions I have ever seen. It took me at least ten hours to put it together, partly because of how confusing the instructions were, but also because there were numerous pieces that were not drilled in the correct place. I have learned a valuable lesson. I will not be purchasing furniture over the internet ever again.

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