South West Transmissions

Country United Kingdom
City Haven banks Exeter
Address Michael Browning Way City Industrial Estate
Phone 01392 434070

South West Transmissions Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2014

I purchased a rebuilt transmission from SW Transmissions website, that had an advertised warranty that covered installation costs if the part was defective, on 11/17/2014. After multiple email notifications that the shipment was delayed due to their stringent quality control protocols (ha!), my mechanic recieved the part on 12/2/2014. Noticed no outside defects, installed the part, it did not work.

I contacted SW and did a conference call with my mechanic. SW Transmission rep said something probably fell out or came apart during shipping, emailed me a return label and ordered a replacement. I asked the rep (Scott) what I needed to do to file a warranty claim for the reinstall costs that was supposedly covered. Scott stated the warranty only applies if they send a working part that quits working after the installation. Wait, what?!

Yes. No warranty if the original item that SW Transmission sends you is a piece of crap So what that you bought it under promise of warranty. Read the fine print! "We reserve the right to send you stuff that is never going to work BUT if we mess up and actually send you a good transmission? You are totally covered if it turns to crap AFTER it works for a bit. Have a great day!"

So I had to pay the mechanic twice. Extra $800.00 dollars I could have put to better use.

BEWARE! Do not order from SW Transmissions. Let your mechanic find your rebuilt part for you, they will have a relationship with the dealer and you won't get hosed by a corrupt company with a fake warranty assurance.

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