Southeast Toyota Distributors

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Deerfield Beach

Southeast Toyota Distributors Reviews

  • Sep 30, 2014

Distributor Southeast Toyota. At any of their Dealerships (Gettle, Germain, Lakewood Ranch, Cramer, Customers are Jammed into the XY8 'package' that is not needed and Delalers Cant remove it from the vehicles. People already have most of this stuff or can buy it cheaper elsewhere. Why force it on them? Roadside, rental car, towing we get from AAA cheap. Paint sealant, are they trying to say honorable Toyota paint is no Good? VIN etch- do it myself $20. Oil filters rotations already included first 2 years by Toyota, now we pay again? I love Toyotas now I have to love them for $699 more or I can't have a vehicle? Looks like organized Crime. If you see XY8 Package on the Sticker you run. XY8=Extras You Eat or you will not get your Toyota.

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