Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Vero Beach
Address 1555 Indian River Blvd
Website www.spectorsoft.com

SpectorSoft Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2014

I have a PURCHASED version of Spector Pro keylogger. I've been using this keylogger without issue on my home computer for a little over a year now. I haven't used this particular machine since Febuary. Today I logged in and tried to open Spector using the specified Hot Key commands. But, the program won't open.

I reboot the machine, but to no avail, the software won't run. I open the list of written files and double click the executables from the folder -- but nothing runs. I double-click my initial install file -- but the program tells me that a newer version of the software is installed and I must uninstall the old version before proceeding. But, since I can't open the program, I can't uninstall it either -- since there is no uninstall option.

I visited the company website seeking assistance. There is an item under the FAQ's for 'Hotkeys no longer work'. The FAQ says to reboot the machine. Obviously, that does not work.

Finally, I call SpectorSoft. The guy on the phone says my Technical Support Subscription expired in mid-Febuary. I tell him I don't need technical support. I tell him my program was working fine and now it's not. He says he can't help me unless I pay for technical support.

I asked him how it is possible for me to not come to the conclusion that Spector freely took my $100 a year ago and provided a software, but after that year was up, they disabled the software from even launching, and subsequently want me to give them more money to activate it? He did not respond.

Spector is not SaaS. There is nothing on the site that says after my year is up the product will not load.... but that is the case. The company refuses to provide assistance. There is now no way for me to uninstall the product unless I resort to the extortion tactics used by this company.

If you need a keylogger, don't use Spector. SpectorSoft is a rip-off. Spector is a scam. The software may work for a while, but evetually they will deactivate the license and leave you with non-functioning software -- AND no way to uninstall!! Or get my previously saved logs!

I called support, asked for a manager -- all that good stuff -- the agent refused to provide a manager...said everyone had gone for the day. Do these people think we are idiots? Of course there was a manager there. The lowly phone support person is not there by themselves. There IS someone there.

SpectorSoft WILL disable your software after a year and refuse to offer any assistance to customers. Any response from SpectorSoft to this complaint at this point is nothing but a chance to save face from my public complaints. Remember, I've called. They don't care. Any attempts at this point is nothing but a farse.

Don't support this company. Don't buy their keylogger.

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