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Speedee Oil Change & Tune Up Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2014

I brought my car in for a diagnostic at Speedee Oil Change to find out why it was running rough. Speedee performed a full diagnostic and told me the car needed a distributor cap, wires and plugs.

Picked up car from Speedee and it appeared to run the same, no change. The following day as I was leaving for work, the car would not start and I had to have the car towed back to Speedee. After having the car for 2 days, I was told I needed a distributor rotor and ignition module. I asked the mechanic if we should replace the distributor instead of buying the additional parts and he said no, that this would fix the engine problem.

At that point, I had rented a car and asked for additional work to be done, including replacing the carburetor which they indicated had a leak. After 2 weeks, I returned a 3rd time to pick up my car. I started the car and it still ran rough, so I asked the mechanic if he would test drive the car with me so he could experience first-hand what was happening. He initially refused and was very rude, but after insisting he drive the car, we drove around the block and barely made it back to Speedee.

Got back to shop and I told the tech this was unacceptable and I indicated they can keep the car as long as they needed in order to resolve the problem. The tech said they would not do any further work on the vehicle and asked me to give him back

the keys to the car if I wasn’t going pay the total due of $863.-.

I asked to speak with the manager or owner. The manager called the owner and he said, “if I didn’t pay the bill, my car would be auctioned off”. I paid the bill in full.

After spending a total of $287.27 and another $576 my vehicle would not make it home without stalling or back-firing.

I was able to get to another shop who in turn told me that the entire distributor should have been replaced as the distributor shaft bushings were badly worn. The new shop also indicated the valve adjustment and engine timing were not correct. When I showed the new shop my receipt the mechanic said I was over charged for labor, based on work performed.

In the end, I spent a total of $863 at Speedee Oil Change and my car ran worse than when I initially brought it in, not to mention having to rent a car for 3 weeks.

The new shop correctly diagnosed the engine problem within an hour of having the car and was able to correct the issue in 1 day. The car runs like new again.

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