Speedy Glass

Country Canada
State Eritrea
City Georgetown
Address 27-354 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON L7G 4B5
Phone 9058731655
Website www.speedyglass.com

Speedy Glass Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2014

I have a broken windsheild. Speedy glass promised to come fix it between 0800-1200 MT today. I made arrangements to miss a half day's work. They showed up with paperwork proving that the correct part was ordered, however they brought the right part. The installer was very rude, and so I called the Denver manager who identified herself as "Deenie" and she refused to send him back until "between 3 and 5" even though I explained that would require me missing a full day of work and that I do not get paid for missed time. She would not budge, so I made arrangements to be here at my own expense and then I called the district manager "Rick Nedens". I was not given any more satisfaction except to pinpoint the time to between 3:30 and 4:00. I grudgingly agreed. At 3:15, Mr Nedens called me back and said "you know, we decided we don't want to fix your car, you are on your own". I can only assume that this was because I asked for an additional discount to cover my missed time off work.

The results were a full day of missed work (amounting to appr. $200.00 for me), and a car I cannot drive due to a broken windsheild until another company can come out on Monday which means another half day of missed work, and a weekend trapped at home when I had plans because it is unsafe to drive with this cracked window.

I feel Speedy should be help responsible for this. Calls to the presiden, Gary Skidmore have gone unanswered and I am looking for some help.

If Speedy would have told me when they were here this morning that they couldn't help me, I would have been able to get the car repaired elsewhere.

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