Spencer Wetherall, bear123jetski (e-bay seller), Wetherall Restorations, Time Machine Camaros

Country United States
State Colorado
City Longmont
Address 2318 Smith Court Street
Phone cell: 303-808-9096, shop ph: 303-808-8909

Spencer Wetherall, bear123jetski (e-bay seller), Wetherall Restorations, Time Machine Camaros Reviews

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  • Oct 1, 2015

Spencer wetherall, list classic cars and parts on e-bay, as bear123jetski, is a rip-off artist.

I bid on a 1969 camaro, wetherall, listed on e-bay. His ad, he guaranteed clear title, stated, the car did not have the original motor, but, had a date correct motor for this 1969 camaro), that was re-buildable. When the price reached $15,000.00, the reserve went off. I was high bidder and remained high bidder, at $15,500.00.

After a couple hours no one bid above me), he contacted me and said, he would sell me the car, for $20,000, the transaction would have to be offline from e-bay and my bank would need to send his bank, a wire transfer. I ask if the camaro had a hood as he did not have one listed), he said he had one, he would let go with the car, being i was paying full price. I had my bank send his bank, a wire transfer for $20k.

The next day, he contacted me, requesting to restore the camaro and ask me, to send him $50,000.00, right then. Something did not seem right, i refused his offer, told him i would arrive, with a trailer, to pick up the car, june 28. He tells me, i could not pick up the camaro, until july 16, as he had other commitments, that no one would be there.

June 26, i called to say, i would be at his shop, june 28, to pick up the camaro, he had several excuses, for me not being able to pick up the car. June 28, i and a friend arrived his shop, longmont, colo, loaded the car. I requested the title, he said he did not have, would send within 10-14 days. I looked at the engine block, it was not, date correct for the 1969 camaro. The heads were not date correct to the camaro and did not have the same year date as the block. I told him, his e-bay ad stated, the engine was date correct, for the camaro. I ask him for the hood, he told me, he did not have a hood. Long story short, he told me, i misunderstood him and this was my problem, not his. I told him his e-bay ad stated, the car had a title, the engine was date correct and re-builable. Being i was 1200 miles from home and him having the title, i decided, i would leave with the car and remain professional.

My observation -- wetherall's shop, was very small, junky, dirty, un-organized, wetherall had told me on the phone a couple of times, he had 8 people working on cars) and his mechanic did not seem to be a mechanic) told me, it was just the 2 of them), they were no where close to being professional, the (5) camaros, he was supposedly restoring, were no where close, to being 1st class, frame off restorations, with all new components.

After being home a few days, i had the engine torn down. (1) rod journal on the crankshaft, was totally damaged and not repairable. (1) head was cracked, not repairable. I called wetherall, i told him, he outright lied, as the engine was not fully rebuildable, due to the spun rod journal and cracked head. He told me that was my problem, not his.

As of this report 30/sept/2015), wetherall, has not supplied the title, he will not return phone calls, does not answer e-mails. Whenever i could finally get him on the phone, he always has an excuse, for not sending the title.

I highly recommend, not doing business with wetherall. In searching wetheralls name, he is listed on this site scamorg), for jerking and screwing people over. He is slick tonged, tells you what you want to hear, lies extremely well, misrepresents cars and components, he is selling. I have turned this title matter over to my attorney. I am contacting better business bureau's, denver & longmont, colo, offices.

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