Spiers A/C & Heating

Country United States
State Botswana
City New Orleans
Address 6922 Memphis st
Phone 5042586332

Spiers A/C & Heating Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

Stefan Gaszak quoted me $9,500 to install an A/C system for a home I was renovating. After paying for the job in full, the company literally dragged the job out for a year and promised to complete it on a weekly basis. After a year had passed, Stefan told me that money had been spent and that I would need to buy the A/C units myself at a local A/C supply house. I ended up spending $1715.37 for the A/C units after I had already paid the balance in full plus $500. Stefan delivered the units to my location, but still did not complete the job and I had to pay another A/C contractor to complete the job. Stefan told me that the units were covered under a 5 year warranty. Well, one of the blowers stopped working last month and Stefan has promised me multiple times that he would repair it under warranty. A month has passed and he has still not fixed the issue. Now he is not answering my calls. I sent out another A/C contractor who told me that the control board was bad and needed to be replaced. I called the A/C supply house and they told me that Spiers Air Conditioning needs to handle the warranty and that it cannot be done by the home owner. I am not out of $3300 above what I was originally quoted and my A/C system is still broken.

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