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  • May 6, 2014

Do not download, work with, sign up for or work for Spokeable, Worku Ventures International or Anthony Worku.

The company has left behind a trail of unpaid empoyees and unpaid invoices, false promises of payment and then, complete silence on the issue of non-payment.

Worku Ventures has created an interesting marketing tool for small businesses. I began working for the company in December 2013. In mid-January, I received payment for the first my work there during the first two weeks of December. At the beginning of February, I received payment for the last two weeks of December. However, given some of the internal company dynamics and the difficult process it took to get those first two invoices paid (several emails, phone calls, invoices, long delays), I realized that my January wages were not going to be paid, and that any further time I invested would be lost. As a result, I left the company in February. I worked with Spokeable as an independent contractor

In the first week of February, Anthony Worku promised that my January wages would be paid by the end of February. It is now April and I still have not received payment. I spoke with him regarding those unpaid wages and he told be that he was a man of his word, that the company could absolutely be trusted to pay the outstanding invoices for the work completed in January by March 21st. That deadline passed without payment. Instead, I received an email stating that 'funds did not come through' and the payment could not be processed. The payment has still not been processed and the company no longer responds to emails or phone calls or even certified mail.

Unfortunately, I am not the only one in this situation.

Unless you can afford to work for free, do not work for or work with Spokeable, Worku Ventures International or Anthony Worku.

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