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City Florence
Address PO Box 1363, Florence, KY 41022
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Sports Schedules Ltd Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2014

BUYER BEWARE of those advertising agencies who claim to sell their cheap sports schedules with "radio" and/or "TV" announcements, or whatever they're calling them these days. More likely that not, they aren't happening.

BUYER BEWARE: of those ad agencies claiming their schedules for YOUR particular city & school will be distributed by the THOUSANDS; maybe a few hundred - at best - make it out to the community at large.

BUYER BEWARE: of those ad agencies putting the full court press on in order to lull you into their [email protected]@@S impulse buy & thereby submit your CC# or check by phone; you might just be talking to a felon, convicted of felony fraud, etc.

BUYER BEWARE: friends, don't take my word for it...Google search "Eagle Marketing Group, Inc" or "National Business Advertising, Inc (aka "NBAI"...the corny name they'll call you with!), see where police agencies, state attorney generals office reps, and newspapers have said about these "operations".

BUYER BEWARE: even though there's three different companies, they all have incestial origins; "NBAI" begat "Eagle Marketing Group" (aka "Sports Schedules, LTD...kudos for that "sly play"), and SOMEWHERE along the line "Hart Media Inc" was a guy who goes by an alias. Look, those three companies are within 3 miles of one another in KY. Yet, each one claims to do wxactly what they sell, I don't know...I guess the PD & AG's got them all wrong, or mixed up with "someone else".

BUYER BEWARE: check the BBB Rating on these guys, Hart Media has an A+...don't know HOW that's managed, but the others have an F...the slicksters who changed EMG to SS, Ltd...well, they may not be listed, but our friend Gary calls them out on here, we're from Bowling Green.

Good luck, watch your $$ & the numbers associated with it, do the research.


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